Hello! :)

Welcome to my newest (and hopefully permanent) blog!

I know it wasn’t that long ago that I moved to The Cupcake Holodeck from Coffee & Chopsticks, but I really didn’t want to feel so constricted to having a specific theme for my website. I grew bored with it and stopped updating as frequently because I didn’t like my layout and hated feeling like if I wasn’t posting about cupcakes of Star Trek, I wasn’t living up to my URL.

Let’s Get Galactic is an AIM screen name I had when I was a lot younger, but I still love how fun and cute it sounds so I decided to go with it rather than with something specifically aimed at anything my blog may include. I want two write about equal parts baking, living, taking photos and expressing my opinions on everything. I don’t want my blog, or my website, to be pigeon-holed into one category.

I plan to stick with this one for awhile, and hope that all the people who followed my previous blogs and websites will stick with it, too!

Please update your blogrolls with this new URL, and let me know if you’d like to be added to mine!

2 Responses to “Hello! :)”
  1. Richard says:

    As a fellow Star Trek fan I am compelled to damn you for this change, it was most illogical and uncool. 😦

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