Saturday Trip to Downtown Sanford!

Sanford is a city in Florida that I typically wouldn’t want to go to — It’s kind of gross, to be honest. Unfortunately, Nick and I have been really needing furniture because we’ve lived in our apartment for two months now (we moved in on April 10th!) and we’re still sleeping on a mattress in our living room.

We’ve been planning to just buy the furniture when we got caught up on all the bills from having to move (they make you put deposits down for ALL THE UTILITIES OMG, it sucks!) but a couple of days ago one of my friends told me that her father had recently visited Badcock & More and was able to finance his new couch with very little down and the delivery was included! I figured it was worth a shot to see what they had, and so Nick and I drove over to Sanford today to visit the nearest location.

They have this awesome, bright red couch that we loved and was super comfy to sit on. We had agreed early on to have a red sofa (Nick’s always wanted one, and our living room is red and black and white), so this was perfect. We also really need a bedframe and new mattresses, so we decided to just get everything at once.

We got approved for a 12 month financing term with no interest (yay!) and a pretty low down payment, and our furniture is going to be delivered next Friday! I’m so excited — I can’t wait to take photos once everything is set up and show off the place to visitors, finally!

We were feelin’ pretty good afterwards, so we decided to take a trip over to downtown Sanford. I’d never been, and was actually greatly opposed to going, but Nick kept saying how cool it was and he’s been a pretty sweet guy lately, so we headed over. I’m so glad we did!!

We visited this amazing old used bookstore called Maya Books & Music that Nick’s been to once before and adores. I was pretty skeptical about it, but within 30 seconds of walking into the store I spotted an entire shelf of Christopher Pike books. Let me just tell you, Pike has been my favorite author since I was ten years old. An old librarian had a 17 year old daughter that was getting rid of her books, and she knew I loved reading so she brought them to my elementary school and handed me this huge old bag filled with some of his older novels. I fell in love and have been that way ever since.

There were books I’ve NEVER seen in stores that I’ve been searching for for over 10 years now, including two of his older ones called Sati and  The Tachyon Web. I greedily snatched up like 7 books and decided that this was my new favorite place. It’s so quirky and cluttered and awesome inside — The lady that owns the shop is really nice and she has this huge, lazy dog that flops herself all over the floor and this grumpy little cat that was curled up on a chair by a wall of books. The smell of incense and old, dusty books filled the air — It was kind of perfect.

We spent about an hour there and after collecting the books we wanted, we headed home. It was probably the greatest trip to Sanford I’ve ever been on, and I’m so excited for us to return to that store and see what other cool books she has!

The whole area itself was really neat — The streets are lined with old-looking buildings with cute little antique-shoppe feels and lots of neat little artistic touches that make it really unique. I took lots of pictures and they all turned out really nicely, despite how gloomy and rainy the weather is today!

There was this art gallery that had weird cement on the outside filled with tons of knick-knacks and little things that other people stuck into it before it dried. Photos, toys, beads, rocks and literally every other random thing you can think of were pushed in and stuck together. It was so neat —

And then here are the photos from the bookstore:

And here are the books we finally bought! 🙂

Overall, a great Saturday! Now I’m going to cuddle up with Nick and watch leftover Law and Order: SVU’s from this week on our DVR. :’D

4 Responses to “Saturday Trip to Downtown Sanford!”
  1. Sinead says:

    Bookshops are heaven. ❤ I could spend all day in there!!

    • Me too! You would LOVE this one, next time you’re here I have to take you to it! And since I have a car (finally) we won’t have to ride the scary publis transit anymore 😀

  2. Mandi Coyne says:

    I want to visit this place! It looks amazing!

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