Instaweek: 2

Second Week of July

July has been so eventful thus far! I basically live for the weekends — Nick and I are always out exploring new places and doing fun new things on the weekend since we work Monday through Friday, sometimes with conflicting schedules. It’s so cool to try new restaurants and visit new hobby shops together. Even places we’ve been to separately many times are made better when we get to do them together.  🙂

Junk fooding it up!

This was really, really good!

Watched Total Recall for the first time ever. Mind = blown.

My honeypot! ❤

The Yogi tea brand gives little inspirational quotes on each tea bag holder tab. I love it, delicious and happy-making!

Delicious oatmeal with bananas, blueberries, cinnamon, brown sugar and coconut milk.

Fun. is one of my most favorite bands and I loooove this song so much!

I’ve taken up paint-by-numbers as a hobby! This is my first completed one, it’s so pretty!

Mochonut — Mocha Coconut Frappacino. So freaking delicious!

I dressed up for work on Friday because it was my late shift and Nick was meeting me for lunch so we could have dinner together at Applebees! He’s my sweetie. 🙂

Half the lights on our living room wall city went out, but it still looks cool!

My indoor herb garden is growing! I’m so happy!

My boyfriend is a hugely talented artist and he drew this while I was at work on Friday night. It’s based off of this photo and this is the colored copy. He made it for his friend/mentor, Sanchez! And here’s Nick’s DeviantArt — They’re both really good!

Here’s a Chinese rainbow from our exploring lunch date on Saturday! I’ll write an entire entry about it tomorrow, it was such a fun day. 🙂

New fitness gear #1 – A gym bag (finally!), yoga DVD and a yoga mat from Ross! It’s teal! So cool.

New fitness gear #2 — I traded in a bunch of my PS3 games since we no longer have it (and won’t for another month or two) in for a sleek black Wii + EA Sports Active 2 which my lovely friend Kelly-Anne has impressively used to knock 70 lbs off her frame! I’m so excited to keep up with this, and it’s so convenient because it’s in my apartment so now I can’t blame the gym not being nearby! I tried my first workout tonight (Nick did it too!) and it was really difficult, but felt great when I finished. I love it so far! We also bought Super Mario Galaxy for Nick to play, since he didn’t think he’d like this game. 😛 And Batman / Avengers socks from the dollar bins at Target! 😀

Marina helps me during my treadmill times.

We made sushi at home on Saturday night! We don’t have a very sharp knife so the cutting part got messy but they tasted awesome and were super easy!

I’m probably going to be updating more about how my fitness stuff is going, so be prepared for that! I hope everyone reading this had as much of an awesome week as I did! 🙂

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  1. […] mention? I don’t actually own face paint. I used acryclic paint from a Paint-By-Numbers kit (see the finished Paint-By-Numbers painting I did in this post!) This was a mistake, you […]

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