Instaweek: 4

Fourth Week of July

I’m apparently terrible at sticking to deadlines on my blog. I said I’d update this every weekend but it’s usually not until around Wednesday that I actually get the post up. Maybe I’ll start doing them a little in advance and schedule ahead of time so it posts on its own? Who knows.

Nick and I went to this cool little restaurant that serves ceviche because I was craving it. We walked into Spanish karaoke night. It was hilarious.

Aforementioned ceviche. I’m planning on making some at home this weekend! So delicious, omg.

I met up with my old best friend at iHop. We hadn’t seen each other in about 9 months because we had a falling out but she’s moving to another state this weekend so we hung out a bit. It was nice. 🙂

Tibster! 🙂


Nick drew this at work and posted it on Facebook for me to see. Which led to…

Seeing Batman! It was good, btw. I liked it more than the 2nd one but nobody agrees with me, ever.

On Sunday we went to A Comic Shop for an event they were having. Read more about it and see more photos from the day here! 

2 Responses to “Instaweek: 4”
  1. Richard says:


    Roxy decided to take herself for a walk yesterday when my brother left the front door open, that was fun! She was halfway up the road towards the usual field we go to, making friends with a couple that were out for a walk, haha. God damn labradors and the curious explorer in all of them!

    • Dogs are crazy! The guy fixing the coffee machine at my job last week accidentally let the office dog out, and the coworkers found him out in the street about 20 minutes later! I don’t know why dogs like to take such risks, lol.

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