Apartment Tour: The Office

When Nick and I first decided to move in together, we agreed that we had too much combined to fit into a one-bedroom apartment. Since then, we’ve both gotten rid of a considerable amount of clutter, but we still have quite a few belongings so we thought that having a two bedroom apartment would work out a little better for us.

We use the smaller, spare bedroom as our office. It has one window, placed perfectly so that the entire room is lit up for almost the whole day with beautiful natural lighting. One small closet, where we keep things like my old printer and a weird shelf thing that nobody uses. Our computers, desks, bookshelves and most importantly: All our favorite nerd things.

Nick and I have a lot of things in common — We both like comic books, regular books, art, superheroes and small toys. I also like Harry Potter and Star Trek, to which Nick has interest toward but not so much so that he’d own anything relevant, and he likes strange things that I can’t even comprehend having a taste for like posters with dogs smoking cigars and collectible toys that you aren’t even allowed to play with!

Our office is probably my favorite room in our apartment, other than the kitchen, because of how much of us we put into it. It’s not finished (and probably won’t be for awhile), but it’s a place where all our similar — and different — tastes can coexist in harmony.

The view from the doorway. Nick and I have our own corners. The rest of the room is space for both of us to put our things together, but our corners belong to only us!

Nick at his drafting table, doing some weirdo thing on his computer. He has a super cool X-Files poster that I bought him as a surprise, as well as various other very Nick-like things.

The third corner of our room! We have two bigger bookshelves in our bedroom filled with books too — When we were moving in, most of our boxes had things like art books or comic books or regular books. So many books!

I collect shot glasses from new places that I visit, like theme parks or states.

This is my corner. The funny pig art calendar is one Nick bought me while on his cruise to Mexico last year, and the cool galaxy poster is something he made me!

So many toys.
That huge book in the back was a super expensive, fancy, AWESOME present I bought for Nick on Valentine’s Day. It has huge pages with detailed scans of comic pages, it’s so cool!


Another shot of my corner. I have dual monitors for blogging/gaming, a pink computer tower and a huge Harry Potter posted = ❤

My comic boxes are numbered by teal duct tape. Nick had two decades worth of a head start, but I’ll catch up eventually!

Last year on my 23rd birthday, Brent Spiner AKA Data from Star Trek wished me a happy birthday via Twitter after I tagged him in a post saying I’d die a happy girl if he’d acknowledge me.

This year, I met him at MegaCon and got his signature on this sweet garage sale Star Trek plate Nick bought for me.
Data asked me about my iPhone’s Otter Box.

Batwoman is my very favorite superhero and for Valentine’s Day, Nick bought me this fantastic lead statue. Behind him are Big Data, Little Data and Little Lore — Personal favorites of mine.
There’s also a cool Harley Quinn Heroclix and Belle from Beauty and the Beast that I just got this past week!

I can’t take credit for this cool shelf. It’s all awesome and it’s all Nick’s.

These are some of Nick’s art pages. He’s so, so, so talented!

So that’s the office! I don’t know if I’ll do any other apartment room tours, but I hope you liked the little peak into where we spend most of our time. 🙂


2 Responses to “Apartment Tour: The Office”
  1. LaurenM says:

    “various other very Nick-like things.”
    For some reason i was hoping you’d say “nick-nacks” lolol. Im too easily amused at this time of day.

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