My favorite Saturday this summer.

Nick and I have some amazing weekends. Need examples? Try clicking HERE, HERE or even HERE. We love spending weekends together, and when I found out that I’ll be working two Saturdays of every month in addition to my Monday-Friday schedule, I was worried it’d give us less time to spend together on our weekend adventures.

Last weekend was my first Saturday shift. Nick dropped me off at 10 AM and I spend the next 3.5 hours wishing I were back at home with him sleeping in. At 1:30 PM, he picked me up and our weekend officially started! It wasn’t terribly late in the day, and the weather was pretty nice so we were excited to spend the day together.

We were planning to have lunch at Chipotle but while at work someone suggested 4Rivers to me, and since I’ve never been there and Nick loooooves barbecue, it sounded perfect!

Those two are what we ordered! Nick got the Smokehouse Cuban and I picked the Burnt-Ends sandwich.

Dessert case!

Rainbow Arizona teas!

Side #1: Sweet Potato Casserole

Side #2: Macaroni and Cheese

Side #3: Fried Pickles

Side #4: Baked Beans

Burnt Ends Sandwich

Smokehouse Cuban

4Rivers also has a separate entrance for their Sweet Shop, which sells cupcakes and cakes and things like that! It’s adorable and I love it. We bought two cupcakes!

Red Velvet Cupcake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcake

After eating lunch, we headed home but thought it would be fun to find a yard sale instead since it was Saturday. We stopped by an ATM to get cash and set off looking for one. We’re bad at timing though — It was after 4 PM and we couldn’t find any. So Nick took me to Target instead so we could check out their neat dollar section and once we got there, he told me I could buy something pretty to wear since I don’t really own any nice things and now that I have a new job, I have to dress a little differently!

I tried on so many pretty things! I’ don’t really ever wear things that are even remotely girly, so dressing up made me nervous but it was really fun.

One of the outfits I tried on!

This is the dress, necklace and teal cardigan Nick bought for me. 🙂

We went home to get ready for dinner because I have family in town. My uncle came up from Argentina, my aunt from near Miami and my other uncle + aunt + cousin from Georgia. Nick has met my mom and dad and siblings before, but he had never met my Argentinian family. We had pizza, hung out for awhile and then left so we could go to a party at A Comic Shop.

Last year, Nick and I met because of the party for A Comic Shop’s 5th win in Orlando Weekly’s annual Best Comic Book Store spot in their “Best Of” contest. This year they won again, and threw another party!

We didn’t stay long (I was super sleepy) but we did go out for pancakes after, which I’ve determined is going to be a tradition because the reason I even started talking to Nick to begin with was because he posted something on Facebook about being drunk off of pancakes, haha.

Pancake Puppies with Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberries and Whipped Cream

Dinner/breakfast? Saved most of this for breakfast the next morning! 😀

It was a fantastic, busy, amazing day. I got to try new things, spend time with the guy of my dreams and have a sort of anniversary of when we first met. 🙂

And we also found this super awesome painting in our apartment complex! I don’t even feel bad about taking it, the person who threw it away must have been insane because it’s incredible:

3 Responses to “My favorite Saturday this summer.”
  1. Manda Vasas says:

    My favorite part about this? The fact they put the Arizona teas in ROY G BIV order and that makes my OCD excited. Also: I hope you tried to get a job at that Sweets Shop. I hope that any time you walk into ANY establishment that serves cake/cupcakes you try and sell yourself. Because they’d be crazy not to buy haha.

  2. Sinead says:

    Is Chipotle where we went when you rescued me from the airport, and I was so hungry I was in physical pain?! If so, MY SALVATION. When I next see you we should go there again. ❤

    Also, that sweet potato casserole belongs in my life/mouth. Same for those Red Velvet cupcakes, mmmm.

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