My 24th Birthday Wishlist!

My birthday is less than a month away and I’m so excited! My birthday is my second favorite holiday (Christmas always comes first) and I love spending time with my friends and family, and getting presents as a reward for something I had no control over like being born.

Usually I have a very big list of things I want, but this year I just picked some random things I’d like to own and slapped them together into a wishlist.

Target Gift Cards! I really, really need to buy new clothes because I haven’t been clothes shopping in years and I don’t have very much. I looove Target though!

Instax 25 + Film: I want this little camera so much! It’s sooo cute!

This comes out on DVD right before my birthday! Joss Whedon ❤

This show is SO. GOOD. I’ve seen the first season already (I watched it religiously every single week), but Nick missed some of the episodes so I want it on DVD so we can relive it before the next season comes out in October!

Star Trek Cookbook by Neelix! 😀

iPhone 5! I want this so that I can give my 4S to Nick so that we can both (FINALLY) have iPhones. 😀

I got a sample of this perfume in my Birchbox this month. I want it so much, it smells PERFECT.

This is my favorite perfume! Nick bought a bottle for me for Christmas but I’ve used it pretty much all up.

One Response to “My 24th Birthday Wishlist!”
  1. Manda Vasas says:

    I have owned three Instax cameras and they’re awesome but they break SO easily. I mean, if the wind is too strong they’ll break. You should invest in the new Polaroid digital/polaroid camera instead! Way more worth the money if you ask me.

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