30 Days of Veggies!

I made a goal when I turned 23 that before I turned 24, I’d spent at least a month trying to follow a vegetarian diet. My 24th birthday is at the end of this month, on September 29!

I’m running out of time so I told Nick that I didn’t want to eat any meat for the entire month of September and he promised to try it as well to support me and keep me from slipping!

Saturday was our first meat-less day. I had a leftover turkey sub from Publix and had to toss it out because I can’t eat turkey. Same for the leftover lunch meat and rotisserie chicken we have at home. Nick cleaned out our fridge of all of the meat-type things, and last night we went grocery shopping for healthy foods.

We ate Indian food yesterday and discovered that they have looots and looooooots of vegetarian friendly options!

I’ll be completely honest — For the first two days we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. We went to Taco Bell like three times because we couldn’t figure out what else to eat. I didn’t really plan for the whole vegetarian thing and that was 100% my mistake.

I spent some time this weekend though finding recipes and things, and now that our fridge is filled with healthy options, it’s not so scary! I can’t stop thinking about steak and cheeseburgers though, lol.

We stocked up on kale, bell peppers, veggie burgers and lots of other fruits and veggies. Yesterday for dinner we had a Tuscan Veggie Pizza and then I baked Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Mascarpone and Marshmallow Whipped Cream Frosting. They are SO delicious and are a perfect segway into the fall months. Starbucks announced the official return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte and Frappacino today — Coincidence? Nope!

I’ll probably post a few vegetarian recipes throughout this month, as well as have a special guest post by Sinead over at Kentberry Says, who specializes in vegetarian and vegan recipes!

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