Fashion Guest Blogger: Sam Escobar

I met Sam somewhere around 5 years ago online through a website that has since gone to the Website Graveyard (RIP FOREVER I MISS YOU), However trivial and silly it may sound now that I’m an ~official adult~, when I was seventeen I was into the online “rating community” scene where girls would post photos and subject themselves to harsh criticism about their appearances from a group of bloodthirsty teenage girls. It was like Mean Girls and, surprisingly, I met some of the most fantastic ladies in the world through these little communities, especially through Equations, which was one of the most prominent and accepted only the prettiest girls.

Despite how superficial it may sound, the communities were great to meet other girls and talk about everything from your own personal vanity (+112 photos from the beach, guys!) to getting advice on what clothes to wear to a dinner party or what hair color to try now that you’re “so over being blonde”.

Sam was one of the very first girls I met through these rating communities, and she always stood out. She was never overly cruel or mean to any of the girls, despite the fact that being on the internet practically solidified her anonymity, granting her the ability to say anything she wanted with little to no actual repercussions. Instead, she offered helpful advice to the community applicants.

She always had crazy colored hair, outrageous make-up and outfits that looked like they were from another decade but fit her perfectly. She’s one of the most interesting people I’ve met through that whole online scene, and I was really excited when she offered to be my next guest blogger!

Howdy! I’m Sam and I’ve been living in southern California for the past four years, so please excuse my occasional usages of “hella” or “rad.” Now that I’m back on the east coast, I’m working on it, I promise.

I love throwing dinner parties, petting any cat or dog that’ll let me, and tutoring ESL students in my spare time. I also appreciate a good beer (or six) and deeply enjoy warm, sunny late afternoons with my friends. I recently graduated college from Chapman University with a degree in Creative Writing and a focus in poetry, so basically, I’m good at coming up with metaphors while drunk and bad at finding a “normal person” job.

Right now, I’m working as a freelance writer, which essentially means I’m in the funemployment category—I get to work when I want to, but it’s also a little less reliable than I’d like. Presently, I write about beauty, fashion, and dating for YourTango as well as Lovelyish, though I’ve also had pieces published on TheGloss among other places. I was a makeup artist for films, music videos, and commercials for four years (thus the southern California livin’) whilst in college, so my journalism leans toward the beauty side of most topics. I’m obsessed with makeup, though I actually don’t wear too much these days, and should I ever be let loose in a Sephora with a wad of cash—I imagine the results could be catastrophic.

Sam’s job as a make-up artist!

It took me years to figure out what I liked fashion-wise. I went through plenty of style phases—tomboy, mall goth (thank you, 9th grade insecurities!), unisex, purposefully mismatched…and then, probably around three years ago, I started coming into myself and recognized not only what I liked, but also how to make those likes look decent on me.

My style is a bit scattered, so while I wish I could pinpoint its placement on a fashion map, I think it’d be more like a road trip all over the place. My closet consists of a variety of patterns, cuts, and fabrics, though I have my favorites. I love soft materials like chiffon and silk, pleats, and anything Americana colored. My hair has been blue on and off for the last seven years, and I’m 100% more confident with my appearance when it’s blue (though sadly, it’s brown at the moment). The only side effect of that dye choice is that I inevitably look patriotic whenever I wear white and red, but I don’t mind—I’m a pretty huge fan of the vintage Americana look. In fact, my most prized possession is my pair of red tie-up heels by Marc Jacobs—perfect for any 4th of July. I also love matching my underwear with my bra, regardless of the fact that nobody will be seeing them.

The most important element of my style nowadays is that I never forbid myself from wearing something I like anymore. For example, I didn’t wear shorts between ages 13 and 19—seriously—because I was too anxious about how my legs looked. I had a skirted one-piece bathing suit during that time, too, because I was self-conscious. And I’ve realized that wearing things only to flatter my appearance is stupid. I think Jeffrey Campbells are ugly and Spanx are ridiculous; I don’t care what anything like that might “do” for my thighs or ass. Nowadays, I don’t worry about what Cosmo says I should wear or what bathing suit looks best on my hourglass/apple/whatever-the-hell-it-is figure—I just wear what I dig. Including that ridiculous gold lame bathing suit down there.

Click here for Sam’s website, click here to read her articles on Lovelyish and click here for her YourTango Blog!

My wishlist.

1. Lattice Chiffon Gown by Elie Saab

2. Cloque Gown by Lela Rose 

3.  Love Spell Dress by Stop Staring

4.  Matinee Kimono in White by Agent Provocateur 

5. Guipure Lace Dress by Stella McCartney 

6. Sweetie Clutch by Jimmy Choo

7. Mia by Clarisonic

8. Georgia Scarf Blouse & Basketweave High-Low Belle Skirt by Wes Gordon

9. Blue Sash Wedding Dress by Amsale

10. Wired Skater Dress from NastyGal

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