Clown College!

When I met Nick, he told me that he was practicing to perform as a stand-up comedian. He said he’d never done it before and that he was afraid but that he really wanted to.

Since then, he’s tried taking me to comedy shows and we’ve watched a few stand-up DVDs but I just can’t really get into it. I like funny things, of course, and I enjoy laughing but I think I get freaked out by the idea of people not laughing and that makes me worry for the person on the stage, resulting in deep-rooted feelings of underlying terror every time I have to sit through an awkward guy on a stage talking into a microphone for more than it would take to announce someone more entertaining.

But I digress!

This past Monday, Nick went with a friend of his (who runs this thing over here, check it out!) to the Orlando Improv on I-Drive and sat through a 1.5 hour orientation for a new comedy class they’re going to be giving over the course of the next 8 weeks. These will include extensive practice to hone budding comedian’s stand-up skills, tips and tricks from professionals and a whole slew of other knowledge that, when mentioned, activates Nick’s salivation button and works him up into an excited tizzy.

Once he “graduates” the comedy class, he’ll get to perform his own stand-up ON STAGE in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE as an opening for a regular Improv night!

Unfortunately, the workshop costs $250 and since it just came up and we weren’t able to plan further ahead of time, we don’t have room for it in the budget what with our bills and our, you know, need to feed and clothe ourselves.

So here’s where you come in!

As you know, Nick and I opened a shop on StorEnvy selling some of his original artwork! This stuff is all hand drawn and awesome, featuring beloved comic book heroes and a few wacky original characters thrown in, along with a TV star or two! Nick is trying to bulk up his art portfolio, so to make a little extra cash we’ve been selling his art for the last couple of weeks.


Nick needs to have $250 by 6 PM on Monday (September 17). It would really mean a lot to him (and me via osmosis!) if you’d help out! Buy something to support his artwork, and let your delightful little dollars fuel his passion for comedy. We will be forever indebted to you and would name our first born child* after you.

You won’t regret it, and we won’t forget it! 😀 (I just made that up, see how clever, help us!)

Click here for the Orlando Improv website!

Click here for Nick’s art store!

Click here for Nick’s DeviantArt!

Click here to donate even if you don’t need art!

Thank you in advance!! ❤

*This is not true. We will not name our children after you unless you have a really cool name. I’m sorry.


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