Weekend Dates – Miniature Golf and Sushi!

Last weekend was a pretty hard one for Nick and I. We fought a lot, I was really grumpy, we couldn’t eat meat and we just weren’t really very tolerable to be around. On Saturday, though, we decided to just stop fighting already and go out and have fun!

We got these tickets on Groupon for free (Groupon gave me $15 to spend for signing up, so I put that toward the $12 purchase!) at Volcano Island Miniature Golf, and we decided to give up on the vegetarian thing (I’ll go into that later sometime) and go to my favorite restaurant, which is the first place I’ve ever eaten my favorite food, and happened to only be a few miles away from the golf place!

We also went to the Altamonte Mall and I got an anniversary present, some fancy Teavana tea and some yummy things from Bath & Body Works!

These candles were on sale and smell SO GOOD!

New tea! It’s alright, I prefer the Samurai Mate & Ayurvedic Chai mix one or whatever it’s called.

Cake pops in the mall! Mine are still better. 😀

Mini golf was really fun! I won, but only by like 2 points. Nick and I had never had a mini-golf date before, and in the beginning when we met, he mistakenly thought I was asking him out on a date when I was trying to get him to go with my best friend and I so it was kind of a funny late thing. 🙂

It was a lot of fun! We’re going out tomorrow night for our anniversary dinner — I can’t wait! We have presents for each other, too. I’m super excited! I love our weekends together.

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