There’s No Place Like Home

It’s about time I did a complete tour of our apartment. We’ve lived here for almost six months and it’s finally begun to look like a place that we live rather than a place we just happen to be squatting in temporarily. Our kitchen, office and bathroom are completely done as far as I’m concerned, but the living room and our bedroom need a few more touches.

This tour is going to be broken up room-to-room! I know I already did a tour of our office, but I decided to redo it now that we’ve finished adding more things.

A super long-time friend of mine is probably going to be staying with us from October – December, renting out our office as his room, so we’ll have to move stuff around and take things out so he has space. But for now, welcome to our apartment!

It’s only unlucky if you make it unlucky!

Welcome to our apartment! 😀

This is the view if you’re standing outside of our doorway. I hang my purse on the doorbell because if I put it anywhere else, I’d forget it and leave without my wallet. We used nails to hang our keys — I’d forget those, too, probably.


The Entryway!

We found this awesome painting by the garbage. I am not ashamed of claiming things without a home on the curb next to the dumpster — It’s in awesome shape and it looks so cool!

Our Kitchen!

The pink streamers are part of my birthday month decorations that Nick put up for me. 🙂

I love magnets. I’m especially fond of ones that have to do with Belle, coffee and StickyGram photos. 😀

Looking out from the back of our kitchen — You can see the entryway, part of the living room, the hallway (the doors in the hallway are a closet, our office, our bedroom and our bathroom.

Our Living Room!

This is a DIY project we’re working on. It’ll look cool eventually!

We found this TV at the curb of a dumpster, too! It works perfectly and has a really clear picture.

Our Bathroom!

Our Bedroom!

This is the doorway to our bedroom from the hallway.


1 of 2 closets in our bedroom. We don’t really own enough to fill it up, we use it for random extras.


Our Office!

Can you tell which side belongs to which person? 🙂

My side! Batwoman, space, photos, two monitors, a pink computer tower, Harry Potter and 4 different calendars.

Nick’s side! A dog smoking a cigar, art supplies, a broken video card, Batman telling him to stop procrastinating, mustaches galore and pictures of me! 🙂


So that’s our apartment! 

We also have a second bathroom, but it only has a toilet and a sink so we use it for the puppy as his little bedroom when we’re out of the apartment (he likes to chew on things and poo where he ought not poo)!

I love our space. It’s full of the things we love and the things that make us happy — I look forward to coming home every day and love having people over to see how everything is set up. Thanks for coming to look, and I hope you liked everything!

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  1. Rafael Antonio Castillo says:



    All of your stuff is super cute. I wanna live there! :D:D:D

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