I’m obsessed with granny squares.

A few weeks ago I found a link to some adorable photos of little squares that had all kinds of colors and shapes to them. I didn’t know anything about crochet, but I loved the way they looked and when I discovered that I could make an entire blanket for our apartment with a bunch of them, I decided I had to try.

For my birthday, I asked for a book called Granny Square Love so that I could try to teach myself.

I’m always too impatient for things though, so this past Sunday Nick and I drove to the closest Jo-Anne’s so I could peruse their yarn section. They had aisles and aisles filled with yarn, it was so hard to choose!  I narrowed my selection down to five different skeins of acrylic yarn, plus four that I picked up at Walmart:

Caron’s Simply Soft Collection in Strawberry and Aqua Mist

Wool-Ease Yarn in Fisherman and Oxford Grey

Vanna’s Choice Yarn in Pink

With Love Yarn by Red Heart in Boysenberry

Super Savor Economy Yarn by Red Heart in White, Gold and Real Teal

We also had a coupon for 50% off any one single item in Jo-Anne’s, so Nick let me use it on this awesome new book:

The Granny Square Book

I’m so excited to start! Those awesome squares at the top of the post are part of CraftyMinx‘s Granny-A-Day 365 project. I love the colors and patterns she uses, they make me so excited to start my own blanket!

Her blog is really helpful, too — She has a free online course to help beginning crocheters catch on and master the granny square. It’s called Crochet School and I’m using it, along with some helpful YouTube videos, to teach myself to crochet!

I’m so excited for the day when I have an awesome homemade blanket of my very own! I plan on trying other projects as well, like cushion covers and lampshades. I also want to try making little cute cupcakes that I can put on things!

I can’t wait to share my progress and make cool little things to have around the apartment! My yarn looks so pretty together and I just know my finished blanket will be the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. :’D


3 thoughts on “I’m obsessed with granny squares.

  1. DUDE. I will seriously PAY YOU MY ENTIRE PIGGY BANK to make me one of those. I wanted to learn how to crochet, but I gave up. I really want one of those classic patterned blankets, but with not so classic colors. LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU’RE GOOD AT IT. 😀

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