Be My Playstation Friend!

I’M SO EXCITED! Nick and I have lately been the best at getting really awesome deals or just being in the right place at the right time — We’ve gotten cool things for our apartment, free samples at Whole Foods, free movie tickets that saved us $84 on regular ticket admission, an awesome old vintage painting that somebody threw out and countless other awesome things like that. We’ve been saving membership points, clipping coupons, trading old items in for store credit and it has DEFINITELY paid off!

I’m certainly not the best when it comes to finances and money, but I will say this: Paying attention to random flyers and coupons you come across as well as signing up for any membership that the store/location may offer can and will probably save you lots of money somewhere along the line.

And, above all, if you’re ever faced with the chance to get a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW Playstation 3 160 GB Slim version video game system for only about $30 of actual cash money, after discounts have been applied, points have been deducted and old games are traded in? JUMP AT IT! 😀

To be completely honest, I’m an XBOX girl at heart. I’ve never been one to ever choose Sony over a Microsoft product (I don’t really know why, it’s just a personal preference), and Playstation as a brand has always seemed more boy-oriented to me, while my old 360 was much more customizably girly.

Nick, however, is the complete opposite and since I’m sort of… Exuberant when it comes to shopping for myself, Nick rarely ever asks for anything so I figured it wouldn’t kill me to get a PS3 first with plans to eventually own my sweet little 360 baby later.

He’s so excited, it’s adorable! He ran into the living room saying, “CASSIE, I’M GONNA BE BATMAN!” 😀

I traded in most of my PS3 games to get my Wii and EA Active Sports 2 a few months ago, but the few that we have that I’ll actually play are:

One of my Top 10 Favorite Video Games ever. If you’ve never played this, I’d suggest you do it ASAP. It’s amazing!


A year ago I swore that I beat this game but, upon re-investigating it on my PC one night, discovered I’d never even gotten past the first few levels. Whoops!

Once we get all the bills and things situated for October, I want to buy a few more games for us so we have a bigger selection (we have very, very, very different tastes when it comes to video games):

So absurdly excited for this video game, you have NO idea!! We pre-ordered it a few months ago and I called 11 different GameStops this morning trying to figure out which one had me on file, lol.




Nick also got me an early birthday present! I’m sosososo excited, I’m going to be a panda!!!!!

And the strategy guide!



We went to GameStop’s midnight release after pre-ordering the game earlier this afternoon. The line was — as suspected — not very bad. We got there at 11:30 PM and were out of the store by 12:07 PM. They were passing out fear promo stuff and Nick managed to get e Mists of Pandaria 11 x 17 poster for me! 😀

The sad part is that I won’t get the chance to play until tomorrow night; it’s about 2:15 AM right now and I have to work in the morning so after I finish this up I’m gonna scoot my booty over to bed! I’m going to bring the strategy guide with me to work tomorrow though and study it between phone calls so I’m READY when I get home. 😀

I’m so lucky to have such a great boyfriend and to have such great timing and stuff. It’s awesome to finally get the things you’ve been saving up for and looking forward to for months (or years, even!). Now I’m off to defrag my computer and get in bed with my sweetie handsome pie. ❤ 🙂


Mine is MustacheCITY!

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