DIY Lyric Wall Art

I think Nick and I are probably the most complementary couple in the entire universe. The areas in which I’m lacking, he excels. He likes things that I’d never even consider trying, and end up loving, because he suggests it. I spend too much time on the internet, and he’s very creative.

Sometimes our differences end up with us arguing, but sometimes they end up beautiful!

I found this post on Pinterest months ago and a couple of weeks later, we stumbled upon this awesome old paint-by-numbers type painting in a cool looking antique frame!

We’ve been putting it off for awhile now, and I really wanted to have it done before my birthday this weekend so we can start off fresh without all these DIY projects we have going on hanging over our heads. This is 1 of 3, and I hope to have 2/3 done by Saturday (it’s 2:30 AM on Friday morning ). I have faith!

Tonight Nick finished the letters and then I painted it, and he cut/peeled them off. You can follow the instructions in the post I got the idea from, but I would suggest that you cut around the letters a little before peeling them off so that the paint doesn’t rip in a weird/unpleasant way that ruins the edges of your letters!

Also, if you can’t find the stickers she used (we couldn’t!), you can use blue painter’s tape and just cut the letters out yourself with an X-Acto knife, like we did! That’s how we personalized the fonts — Nick drew them out and cut them away himself! ❤ 😀

We love it! I hope we eventually find another cool painting and get to do something else with it. I love walking into our apartment and seeing something we made first thing, it’s faaaaantastic! 😀

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