Monthly Recap: September!

I love September. Not only is it the month of my birth, but it also marks the beginning of autumn, which is probably my absolute favorite season.

This particular September has been packed with fun times and lots of good memories. My birthday party was great, and Nick made sure to help make the entire month special for me. I’ll have a post a little later on that, but for now, here’s a quick recap of some posts and things from this month that you may have missed!

Nick and I made this cool DIY lyric wall art out of an old painting we found! Click here for the tutorial.

I started teaching myself how to crochet! I want to make a granny blanket for out bedroom!

I posted a tour of our apartment! Click here for the entire walkthrough!

We went on an awesome date to my favorite sushi restaurant and a cool dinosaur mini-golf place! I love out weekend dates.

Nick took me out for our 1 year anniversary! There’s nobody better for me, I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful guy!

Click here for the story of how we met!

Other Notable Posts/Events:

Cupcake Shop Wishlist — When I own my own bakery, I’m going to wear pink every single day!

WoW: MoP and a PS3 in the same day?! — We’re hip and cool now, right?

I quit my job! It was awful and made me miserable. I start a new one the first week of October!

My 24th birthday!! 😀 😀 I’ll have a post about it up soon, it was GREAT! 🙂

I will also soon be updating the blog with a special Autumn themed makeover! Can’t wait to change a few things around.


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