Fall To-Do List

Fall would probably be my favorite time of the year if Florida would actually allow me to experience it instead of going from summer straight into winter most years. I love the colors, the weather (or what the weather should be like), the scenery, the smells and the flavors of the season. Changing leaves, pumpkins, hay rides and Halloween are some of the most wonderful parts of the year, and I can’t wait until I finally live somewhere that I’ll get to experience it all!

I’ve made a to-do list for the season to help keep me on track, since there are always so many things I want to try and do but forget about without a structured list.

I plan to have a blog post up for most of these goals to help keep me accountable, and hopefully by the time December rolls around, I’ll have finished with them all! 😀

Does anyone else have any things they love to do during this season? Why are pumpkin flavored things so much more delicious in October?!

One Response to “Fall To-Do List”

    When I read #3, I imagined some sort of telekinesis where you make a delicious pie levitate.

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