A Hair Journey

I started dyeing my hair when I was fifteen years old. I was super goth-y and super into all that lame ~vampire~ stuff. I thought having red hair sounded ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC and I dyed it a crazy, bright, fire engine red color that cheered me up every time I looked in the mirror.

That adoration of having funky colored hair spread from  being a black-lipstick-wearing-mall-goth to  a sixteen-year-old kandi kid, a  seventeen-year-old drama geek, a twenty-year-old college student  and, currently, a twenty-four year old  blogger, baker and candlestick maker*.

* I do not, nor have I ever, make candlesticks. Sorry for the confusion.

I’ve gone through bottles and hours and stained foreheads and plastic gloves. I’ve cleaned up splatters and splotches and smears. I’ve been looked at with curiosity, ridicule, awe and amusement.

And while my hair colors have change, one thing has stayed consistent through this almost ten-year-long journey:  The excitement I feel when I’m in the shower rinsing out a brand new color of hair dye, and the happiness that follows thereafter.

I haven’t had a whole head of solid color in awhile, and since I’m sort of “between jobs” right now (READ: UNEMPLOYED), I figured that since I’ve hermitized myself into not leaving the apartment anyway, I may as well start lightening my hair from the black I’ve built up so I can start fresh!

Since bleaching is so damaging to hair, especially since the majority of mine is so dark, I’m going to have to spread the process over time so as to give it enough rest time in between. I’m also going to try some homemade hair masks, which I think will be pretty fun!


I’m planning to get my hair as light as possible (very light blonde / whitish), which is going to take quite some time so I’m prepared to be blonde for a little bit — And orangeish before that. :/ I know the payout will be worth it though; I can remember the last few times I got rid of the black and how fun it was to see such pale hair up there after being so used to the dark!

Once it’s light enough, I’m dyeing it dark purple, which will fade to a pretty lilac:

Once I’m out of purple dye, I’m going to dye it bright pink, which should fade to pale pink:

From pink, I’m going to head to color territory I’ve never ventured to before — bright orange!

And onto the most logical follow up color choice after bright orange, dark red:

Eventually I want it to neutral out enough to be considered “normal red” hair, and when I get sick of that I’ll probably go back to brown for awhile — I always seem to end up back to my roots! 🙂

5 Responses to “A Hair Journey”
  1. Manda Vasas says:

    CASSIE CASSIE PLEASE READ THIS!!!! Buy Color Oops! from any drug store (CVS, Walgreens, basically anywhere that sells hair dye), it’s by Loreal. It’s gonna lift ALL the black dye (or most of it, you MIGHT need two boxes) out of your hair in a safe and non-damaging way. It just breaks the color down so it can wash out, instead of actually bleaching the hairs. This way you can get your hair lightened as much as you can before you actually need to bleach it. My friend Elissa used it upon my request when she wanted to go from black to red hair. She had been dying her hair black for like 11 straight years, and it only took one Color Oops box to lighten her hair to the medium brown she always was, and she probably had about twice as much hair as you do.

    Also! If you want your hair to be white you need to get a toner. Bleach your hair, tone it, and the toner is gonna be what takes away all the yellow/orange color to give you bright white hair. Uuuugh, so badly I wish you lived in Boston so I could do your hair for you!!!!!!!! Love you lady!



    This is so cool ^-^ I remember way back from when you had the curly purple.

    I’m digging the upcoming orange color. That and yellow and green seem to be the more “extreme” of unnatural colors. I’ve always wanted green so bad. It’s my favorite color. I love the dark emerald green on girls with brown eyes. BUT ALAS, I AM A VEENIE.

  3. Antonette Ramos says:

    It’s cool! I love the orange hair. I don’t know why but I find it really amazing whenever I encounter people with bright hair color.

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