And we are far from home but we’re so happy.

Yes, that’s right! I know this is the first I’ve mentioned and it seems crazy and drastic and insane and out-of-nowhere, but I’m so excited!

Nick lost his job this past week, and while that really sucks and is bad and stuff, it’s also kind of a blessing. It was a dead end job with no room for growth or advancement and was really just kind of holding him back. We’ve been planning to move to Massachusetts when our apartment’s lease was up, but because of what happened, we decided to just leave sooner. It didn’t make sense to stay here and find a job that we only plan to keep for seven months when we could get a head start on the life we want right away!

So we’re driving up on October 20th and will stop in Maryland on our way up to visit Nick’s parents. This is his first time seeing them in over a year, and it’ll be my first time meeting them (ever) — I’m so nervous!  Especially moreso because…


I kept it blonde for about a day and really actually liked it, but the whole point of bleaching the black out was to make it a crazy color.

We’re going to be renting a U-Haul truck with a tow cart thing to tow Nick’s car up to Boston while my family stays down here. Hopefully Nick and I can find jobs there in the 10 days we’ll be alone before my family joins us.

I’m very, very excited and almost equally as nervous! I’ve never done anything like this, we’re moving with no safety net or even much of an idea. We’ll have very little money but hopefully things will fall into place. I know it sounds crazy and stupid but I just feel like this is really what we should be doing right now. It’s been amazing — It was pretty much unanimously decided immediately. I suggested it, Nick approved it, we called my mom and she jumped at the chance to get out of her situation.

I feel like my life is going to be completely different in a matter of a few weeks. I can’t wait!

Stay tuned — I’ve downloaded the WordPress app to my iPhone so that I can update during our trip with photos and stories from the road. Also, please feel free to follow me on Twitter — /withbirdswefly ! I’ll surely be posting regular updates once we leave around 8 AM on the 20th! 😀

One Response to “And we are far from home but we’re so happy.”

    That is the cutest .gif ever.


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