Featured on “Today I Conversed With”!

Nick is really into art and you can usually find him browsing through the recently uploaded stuff on DeviantArt. I created an account back when we first met so I could follow his art stuff like a groupie and also so I could favorite pictures of cupcakes and Batwoman (that’s really all I ever do, seriously).

A couple of days ago, Nick urged me to upload some of my daily pictures to my account because he said people like that sort of thing. I share photos everywhere else, so I figured, what the hell? And thus began my love affair.

My blog has gotten more views from the pictures I’ve uploaded (and the appropriate linkage ;D) in the last few days than it did for the first four months I’d been writing combined. I’m meeting new people, sharing things with new audiences, and it’s been pretty cool.

One of the neatest parts was being messaged by Filippo Lorenzin, the man behind Today I Conversed With.

TICW features daily interviews that Filippo holds with artists, photographers, musicians, writers and all other sorts of people that he speaks with. I can’t imagine how cool it must be to meet so many new people, and hear so many unique stories!

I was super honored to be a part of it, and I urge you to check it out and follow his blog! It’s really interesting, and you might even see someone you know! ;D

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Check out Nick’s DeviantArt!

And here’s mine! 

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