5 Things I’m Excited About Doing Once I Move (and a recap of Fall TV?)

I’ve never had such a stressful time moving before. Between packing, planning and replanning, hosting a going away party and trying to find a place to live once we move, I’ve gone from casually neurotic to positively insane.

No regrets, though. I’m more excited now than ever, and after a few misplannings, it seems like we’ve gotten everything straightened out.

We had originally planned to drive a moving truck up with my car being towed behind, but after reviewing the finances, it’d be more cost effective for us to just leave the majority of our belongings in a storage unit down here and drive my car up with our necessities. This way, we can just come back to get our things once we’ve found jobs and an apartment to put our stuff in! 🙂

We’re going to stop in Maryland for a day, since that’s where Nick is from. I’m going to meet his parents, see the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and eat at this chili place Nick has been talking about since we met.

We’ll leave Maryland on Sunday and head straight to Massachusetts, where we should be by Monday evening!

Our going away party was a lot of fun — It was great getting to see some of our most awesome friends one last time before leaving the state. Yesterday we made a trip to our two favorite comic book stores to say goodbye and buy one last comic (for now). The people at both Acme Superstore and A Comic Shop will be greatly missed. I can only hope they have a nice store up north where we can visit and make friends! Nick’s really excited to visit Midtown Comics in New York, which brings me to…


1. Have a “White Christmas”

Being Floridian, I’ve never seen snow. I know I’m going to freeze and everyone says I’ll get sick of it in a day but I’m still excited!

2. Go to a real pumpkin patch!

We have pumpkin patch type things down here (although I’ve never been), but it never feels very much like autumn — The leaves don’t change colors, they die and fall off. The air doesn’t get crisp and chilly, it drops to 40 F at night and soars to 89 F during the day. I want to do traditional Autumn stuff, like go on hay rides and see the leaves change colors and wear scarves.

3. Visit New York City around Christmas time and for NYE.

I know it’s supposed to be overrated to visit a busy, overpopulated city during one of the busiest times of the year, but I don’t care. I’ve always wanted to be in NYC when the ball drops, and now that I’m going to be just a quick 4 hour bus/train ride away, it’s totally manageable! I also want to take Nick to see the big Christmas tree I saw when I visited almost two years ago.

4. Visit Canada

I’ve never lived so close to another country before! I’m going to get my passport ASAP so Nick and I can take a trip up to visit friends.

5. Take a tour through Salem

When I was younger I was into vampires, witches and magic stuff. I’ve read lots of historical fiction (and historical nonfiction) about Salem and the history of it, and I’m super SUPER excited that I’ll be living relatively close to it.

We have so many things left to still do! We’re not quite finished packing, although the majority of our things are sitting in boxes forlornly in our tiny dining room area. One of my best friends is taking over our lease and moving down from Connecticut to sign it, so he’ll be here tomorrow. My dad, step-mom and sister are coming up to see me off so they’ll be by Friday night.

I still have regular errands to run and things to do, like putting in our change of address and getting Astrid an oil change before our trip. We’re also going to give her a thorough cleaning so we can start fresh, since she’s looking a little down lately.

We’ll also be closing bank accounts, taking things to storage and finishing some last minute laundry so all our clothes are clean before packing them up. It doesn’t seem like our to-do list is incredibly long but I feel like I’m going crazy!

In other news, I am so happy that it’s fall TV time again. Nick and I have been marathoning Netflix shows because we don’t have cable, and we’re almost finished with the first season of Once Upon a Time. It’s so good — My favorite characters are Grumpy, Rumplestiltskin and Belle (of course). I love how in depth their back stories are, and how relevant their back stories are to the present situations.

I’ve also gotten caught up on a couple of season premieres — How I Met Your Mother is just as wonderful as it’s always been, although I’ve heard talk of this being its final season. I don’t know how true that is, but I do know that when the show ends I’ll feel like I’ve lost my best friends, lol.

The Vampire Diaries is back, too, which I am not even ashamed to say I was very excited about. The premiere wasn’t incredibly promising though — The drama and tension left off in the finale of last season led me to believe there’d be some huge things going on, but I was a little disappointed. I’ll stick with it though.

And lastly, we watched the premiere of American Horror Story Asylum and it was AMAZING. To be honest, I hated the show for the first few episodes when it started but as each episode got better and better, I got hooked. I love that they’re reusing some of the old actors, although I kept calling the guy “Tate” and still don’t know what his name is in Asylum. It’s really great though, and has the perfect amount of creepy-alluring that makes you sad when the credits end at the end of the episode.

I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be updating for awhile — We’re leaving our computers down here and I’ll only have access to the internet on my iPhone for a bit. I’ll be on Facebook and Instagram every day though, so feel free to follow me if you haven’t already!

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