A Long Absence Pt. 2: Maryland

Nick and I have been so busy since moving! We started working a week ago at a nice little Trader Joe’s in Boston with my awesome friend Manda and have been looking for apartments and stuff since getting here. We left our computers back in Florida so we only have our iPhones (which, I recently smashed mine, and can’t fix it until we get our first paychecks so I haven’t been using it much because broken glass makes me anxious and it freaks me out), along with sometimes using Andric and/or Amanda’s computers when they don’t need them (thanks, guys!!).

This is the first post of our trip up, cataloging our adventure from Florida up to Maryland. It was kind of rough — We fought a bit, had no sleep and driving for 16 hours took its toll on Nick. Once we got to Maryland though, everything sort of leveled out and it was the best few days I’ve had in a long time.

I met Nick’s parents! His mom is a tiny old Peruvian lady and she is so cute and so sweet. She spent half of our visit talking trash about Nick’s ex girlfriend and the other half lamenting my hair color choice (lol). She cooked us delicious things, took us on a tour of DC and was just really awesome.

Nick’s dad is an old set-in-his-ways Russian Vietnam veteran. He was recently in the hospital, but was doing a lot better once we got there — He had lost like 30 lbs and was more active than Nick says he remembers him being! He was also really nice to me and showed us some cool old photos of him in his old army gear (super cool!).

Nick’s childhood home is AMAZING! I think he spent a lot of his childhood being embarrassed about it, but it’s fucking awesome. His parents are really old so all their stuff is crazy vintage and his mom has some of the coolest furniture chairs and stuff I’ve ever seen! They also have lots of random, cool things like llama pelts and Peru metal plates and teacups and all kinds of things. I could live there forever, I’m not even joking. She cooks fabulous Peruvian food, is in love with Steven Seagal and repeats things she hears on TV — like calling Nick “numb nuts” once, hahaha. I loved them and, even though I was so nervous about them liking me, the whole visit went so much better than I ever expected it to.

It was also really neat seeing Nick’s room from when he was a teenager — We’re almost five years apart, but we had a bunch of the same stuff and were into the same things when we were 16! I loved seeing all his old action figures and video games and photos his mom had put up of him over the years. He’s an only child so the entire home is basically a shrine to Nick’s four year old self, lmao. He was the cutest little kid I’ve ever seen — Dimples and a cute little smile! 🙂

I also got to meet some of Nick’s friends that he’s known since he was little, which was really cool. I was super nervous because his last girlfriend had lived there, too, and was friends with all of them — I can’t imagine anything more awkward than bringing your new girlfriend to meet the mutual friends of you and your ex girlfriend. It went well though and I really liked them all, and it seemed like they liked me too! I didn’t feel like I was being compared to anything and after realizing that, I was really happy and relaxed since my biggest fears about the trip there weren’t validated.

These are parts of Nick’s parent’s basement. It’s like a time travel apartment from the 70s. It’s FANTASTIC! I’ve never been in a basement that was outfitted as its own apartment before — Basements don’t exist in Florida because the whole state is at sea level!

These are Nick’s dad’s crayons from when he was a kid! They’re so old!!

Nick and his parents when he was little. 2 LEGIT 2 QUIT.

Nick with his parents again, over two decades later. 🙂

When I was in tenth grade, I’d skip class and come home early to play all three of these with my little brothers. Nick has the books to them!

Luna and Butch! Apparently Luna is mean to a lot of people and refuses to even come out when other people are visiting, but she immediately came up to me and cuddled me and let me pick her up and play with her. She’s very old and really cute and tiny. Butch was kind of a brat and while we were there he even bit Nick’s mom in the face, and she’s had him for like a year now! So I didn’t take offense when he growled at me and tried to bite my knees!

My sweetie 🙂 <333

My first time taking the Metro to DC!

The machines gave us change in dollar coins. It sucked, but they were pretty!

I collect shot glasses from places I’ve visited and I got two for DC! 😀

I want to go see The Price is Right!

We ate lunch in DC here — So delicious, omg.

Lomo Saltado mmmmmmm! It’s beef, peppers, onions, cilantro and FRENCH FRIES! Served with rice! It sounds kind of weird but it’s one of the most delicious things ever. I tried it back in FL the first time Nick took me to a Peruvian restaurant and it was like heaven in my mouth.

Since I met Nick, he’s talked about this little hole-in-the-wall convenience liquor store type place called Flower Deli that sells cheesesteak sandwiches that he loves. We went with one of his friends so I could try it, and it was SO GOOD! The sandwich isn’t really an actual cheesesteak but it’s spicy and omg. I want it right now.

I’ve infiltrated Nick’s bedroom. 🙂

Leaving 😦

We drove around the parts of DC we didn’t get to visit the day before on our way out of Maryland.

On our way to Boston!

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