A Long Absence Pt. 3: The First Week

Here are three things I’ve learned since leaving Florida:

1) Parallel parking is difficult. The Florida driving test doesn’t require it because there isn’t much street parking in the state, but there are almost no parking lots up here! Everyone parks on the sides of the streets. I haven’t done it yet (tbh, I don’t even know how) but I’ve seen Nick do it and it looks hard. 😦

2) You really do need gloves if you’re planning to handle snow. I’ve FINALLY seen snow for the first time and it’s MUCH colder than I thought it’d be. I fully comprehend the need for gloves and hats now — Ears get very chilly!

3) “Massholes” are way nicer than Floridians. No joke. I’ve only really encountered three rude or abrasive people here, and that’s including everyone I’ve spoken to while working at Trader Joe’s for the last week.

All in all, it’s been awesome. We’re looking for an apartment while staying with some friends, and that’s been pretty cool — They like almost everything that Nick and I like, so it’s a lot of fun hanging out with them. I also enjoy having girl time with Amanda — She’s taught me how to wear new make-up from Ulta and we’ve had Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy marathons, which Nick would never sit through and be attentive. And Andric and Nick are cute when they’re having brotime discussions about Nicholas Cage, so it’s been nice for Nick too since he’s usually only ever around me!

After having back-to-back interviews with the Captain of our friend Manda’s Trader Joe’s location, we were BOTH hired at the same store. The manager took a huge risk by hiring two Florida transplants, especially since we’re dating, and we’re so grateful. The job is actually fun, too, and everyone we work with has been so friendly and welcoming to us here! Plus, I get to keep my pink hair! And working there is kind of like being a Boston celebrity — I’ve been recognized on the street once already by a customer from the store!

Eventually Nick and I will get to do the things we love to do while we’re working — He’ll get to do some artwork for the store, and I’ll get to bake stuff to have on the demo station for people to eat! That’s still awhile away, but we’re really excited for it anyway. 🙂

Our new job! Tiniest store ever, but it’s wonderful 🙂

Dave and Busters! So much fun with Andric and Amanda! I played the Star Trek game and we had over 3,000 tickets!!

This was sooo delicious! Turkey sandwich and sweet potato fries!

New Bath and Body Works scents!


New hat! It’s a unicorn!

Playing a new game with Manda and Patrick!

Manda! I’ve known Manda online for like ten years or something crazy like that, from rating communities (lol) when we were like 17. She’s super cool and lives with her boyfriend, Patrick. And they both work at Trader Joe’s, with us!


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