Happy Halloween from Salem!

For Halloween this year, Nick and I drove an hour to Salem, MA so we could go on a few ghost tours and spend a couple of hours in one of the most historically haunted cities in the country. It was so cool — The city is gorgeous and the streets were filled with people dressed up like everyone from Finn & Jake to the Pedobear.

We went into two different haunted houses and walked through the city on a ghost tour led by a ghostly villager from the 1800s. There was a huge carnival/fair set up and it was beautiful! We ran into Deadpool, Tyler Durden and Ash from Evil Dead near the Pirate Ship ride!

We bought a few cheap souvenirs and walked around looking at all the cool stuff. The houses out there are beautiful!

We learned that every person who has been in the Sheriff position of the city since an old Sheriff guy was crushed to death with rocks on his chest has suffered from heart problems. That’s so scary! :O

We also learned some other creepy things, like how people swear they smell apples in parts of the city thanks to a dead lady who used to live there and had an apple orchard. I would die!

It was a really great night and I’m so glad I got to spend it with my tootie. We had a great time and hope to visit Salem again for Halloween next year!

Because we’ve been moving, we didn’t really have any extra money to spend on anything costume-y. But that’s okay! Eyeliner and lipstick to the rescue! I became PINK CAT! Even though I look more like a Pink Mouse. Whatever.

Clearly very excited to go on our trip to Salem.

Perfect leaves for a creepy Halloween day!

Creepy old houses!

My hair glows in the black lights!

SO EXCITED! BATWOMAN IS MY FAVORITE! She thanked me for not calling her Batgirl — AS IF I EVER WOULD!

Silent Hill Nurse!

He said THIS IS FIGHT CLUB and then actually punched him!

Deadpool doesn’t give a fuck.

Hot chocolate, mmm. The weather was chilly so it was extra delicious!

Our ghostly tour guide, Victoria!

Awesome! In this haunted house, they asked for my name since I was at the front and then through the whole haunted house the characters chased me screaming my name! It was so scary, omg.

Got this cool shirt! It says “Monsters are good lovers” and it’s a picture of Frankenstein’s monster holding a mermaid. 🙂

Back home, watching a Halloween episode of South Park.

I painted my face later.

And then I painted Nick’s face!


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