Merry Christmas!

Updating from my poor little phone has been pretty difficult, so I’m sorry for the lack of posts over the last few months! The good news is that we should be getting a laptop soon, since our desktop computers are still in Florida, so updates will eventually be a bit more regular! 🙂

It’s been three days since Christmas and I’m still glowing from the awesome presents I got and from how much fun it is to watch people open gifts that you’ve carefully selected for them!

I am very spoiled. Christmas is my favorite thing in the world, so Nick tries his hardest to make it really special for me. This is our second Christmas together, and although there’s pretty much nothing that can top last year’s December proposal from my soul mate, I was still very fortunate to get some super amazing gifts!

We started our Christmas at midnight — Nick was so excited that he wouldn’t let me wait, even though I wanted to! The weather forecast said it was supposed to snow and I was dying with anticipation over my very first “White Christmas”!

I got pretty much everything that was on my wishlist, as well as a few surprises that I wasn’t expecting!






YES I GOT A KEURIG MACHINE!!! He bought me the special one that let’s you choose your cup size! We’ve named her Kiki (Kiki the Keurig) and she’s perfect! He also bought me a K-Cup tower and a box of Dunkin’ Donuts Seasonal Hot Cocoa, mmmm!

HE ALSO GOT ME THE ENTIRE SERIES OF FRIENDS ON BLU-RAY!!! This was on my list but I decided it cost too much and told him not to get it. He found a way around that though and got it anyway! I was so surprised when I unwrapped it — I hated the show when I was growing up but have seen a few episodes over the last few weeks and I am in love. It’s 21 discs and has all ten series digitally remastered, plus tons of bonus features! Be still my heart.

I also got a few DVDs (X-Men by Joss Whedon, Beetlejuice), a purse I really wanted, a pink Casio watch (because I’m Cassie!) and some other little nice things like earrings, stuff from Lush, toys and a new tshirt! 🙂

I got Nick a mixture of things he’s mentioned wanting offhand as well as stuff from his online wishlists. He got a bunch of new movies too, including the first three seasons of Seinfeld (which I don’t like but he loves so much!).




We also got presents from Andric and Amanda, which were crazy cool:


A Marvel baking pan for me and A FREAKING UNICORN HEAD MASK FOR NICK! He loves it so much, little creep! 🙂

And our friends Manda and Patrick got us goodies too! Two Ninja Turtle graphic novels for Nick and the first hardcover of the new 52’s Batgirl!! Plus some cute cupcake floss 😀


We also did a Secret Santa at work which was my first one and was very good for us being so new at our store!

But my favorite part of Christmas was our date later that night!

We went to this authentic Chinese restaurant that was like the only place open around us and I tried a pu pu platter!! We also got some roasted duck since my dad made it for me a long time ago when I was little on Christmas and I hadn’t had it since. The restaurant was really cute and comfy, and the people working there even ran out in the freezing weather with my purse when I left without it!!

AND THEN THE BEST PART! Nick took me to see Les Miserables!! It was so good, so so so good.













Overall it was a fantastic Christmas! The only thing that would’ve made it better was having my family up with me, and I really hope they get to spend next Christmas with me!

Really excited for the new year and to discover all the changes it will bring. And happy and grateful as always to share my happy little life with the best person I know 🙂

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