A Word from Astrid

Hello! My name is Astrid and I’m a 2010 Toyota Corolla.

My mommy and daddy have had me for almost one whole year! He bought me for mommy because she had never had a car and was working really hard on researching which one would be best for her — And she picked me!!

The day my parents came to get me, I was hiding from them because I loved all my brothers and sisters at the dealership.

My mommy pulled out the paper she had my stock number on and asked a nice guy named Eddie if he could help find me! I’ve never had so many people looking for me at once before!

My test drive was a bit rocky. Daddy did just fine but mommy was nervous and almost wouldn’t try me! She eventually did though, and it was love at first gear shift. ❤

We've been so far together already! I brought mommy and daddy from Florida all the way up to Boston and I didn't even cough or hiccup once! Mommy says I'm very good with mileage and she's proud of me! 🙂

I just went over my 50,000 mile marker and mommy says she'll be taking me to the service shop soon! I'm kind of scared, I don't like going to get my checkup! I get poked and stuff goes into me, but mom says I'll feel a lot better once I'm done if I can be a big girl!

Well, that's all for now. Oh! Here are some new decorations mommy and daddy got for me! Mommy says I'm her Nerdmobile and she loves me! I love her too :)!






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