Inside My Caboodle

I’ve been very sick with a tooth infection for the better part of the last week, resulting in a hospital visit and a lot of missed work. My mom always told me growing up that tooth pain was the worst pain she’d ever experience, even after having my brothers and I, and that she’d willingly go through labor again if it meant skipping the pain of a troubled tooth.

I’ve never been in labor and can’t compare that pain to anything else, but this is the most excruciatingly painful thing I’ve personally dealt with this far and it’s terrible.

Luckily, I was prescribed an antibiotic and some painkillers, which make me feel loopy and funny but eliminate my debilitating pain so I’m grateful for them. Not expensive either, which is great because I’m among the many Americans without health insurance until March, so cost is a big concern for me.

Anyway, I’m feeling better today than I have since last weekend, so I decided to take some pictures of my makeup collection with a focus on the things I use regularly and like enough to recommend! 🙂


I keep my makeup in a cheap pink plastic Caboodle that I found at Walmart. It’s AMAZING and is just like the one I always wanted when I was growing up, so it makes me happy every time I look at it.

My makeup collection isn’t very large – I only recently started shopping in places like Sephora and Ulta, so I’ve never been a big collection girl. Thanks to holiday gift sets though, the amount of makeup I have recently tripled in size! 🙂


This is from a Tarte collection that was available this past Christmas. It came with a cute matching makeup bag, a few brushes and lip glosses and face stuff (I’m not very technical, I know!).

I love the eye shadows the best. They’re named after places in the world and go on really nicely. I love the neutral colors the most as well as the blacks and purples; I’ve found they compliment my brown eyes the most!




I also love Bare Minerals and use their face powder and brushes. Both things came in separate gift sets — the brushes all in one and then the foundation powder, primer, mascara, a lip gloss and a few other things in another Bare Minerals “Starter Pack”.





My favorite lipstick is Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart. It goes on really soft and smooth, is super hydrating, shines like a lip gloss (which I normally prefer to lipstick) and the color is very fresh and girly! I also used it for my pink cheeks and nose last Halloween, and it stayed and didn’t make my skin gross after! I notice that my lips are softer when I use this as well, so I’ve been wanting to get a slightly more neutral color so I could use it as a sort of lip balm for everyday use.



I had a Birchbox subscription for awhile last year and this stuff came in one of my boxes. I use it to highlight when doing my eye makeup and sometimes as a sort of light illuminating powder along my cheekbones. I’ve even mixed a bit of it in my lipgloss before so I had a bit of sparkle to my lips!


I spend the most money and time on my eyes. They’re my favorite facial feature and I was a sort of late bloomer that didn’t know what eyeliner was until I was 15, so it’s still kind of awesome to me to put some crap on that makes my eyes look fancy and brighter.

I mainly use drugstore eyeliners (I like Rimmel, Covergirl and Loreal the best), for both my eyebrows and my eyes. Loreal also makes my preferred mascara, which both lengthens and thickens my poor little light brown lashes to make them look a hundred times cooler!

The Eyeko eyeliner pen is my favorite liquid eyeliner in the world. It’s really perfect if you don’t have the steadiest hands too! You can get a ridiculously accurate cateye wing tip point with it. I got the full sized pen in a Birchbox and I’m due for more from Sephora soon as well. I absolutely swear by it.






That gel liner by Rimmel is amazing, by the way. When used in conjunction with the shiny black eyeshadow from my Tarte palette, it gives my eyes a really nice smokey effect that makes me feel like Dean Winchester! 🙂

I also use primer by Smashbox, Tarte and Bare Minerals (I like them equally), and blush by either Tarte or Covergirl.



Show me your collection if you have one! What brands do you like the most? I also have about three different kinds of makeup removing wipes — I love the new blueberry ones I got a few weeks ago!


2 Responses to “Inside My Caboodle”
  1. fancieland says:

    Soo sorry to hear about your toothache! I got an abscess in my wisdom tooth last week that still bothers me even after the antibiotics and painkillers. I hope you feel better soon! That pain is so unbearable! I really like your collection though. You have really good taste!

  2. MuaByNikki says:

    Very functional collection. Great taste in items.

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