Review: Lush Cosmetics’ Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Before moving to Boston, I had never heard of Lush. A new job’s Secret Santa swap paired me up with a girl I knew nothing about, so I asked her boyfriend what she liked and he told me, “Anything from Lush. She LOVES that stuff.”

A quick Google Maps search led me to nearby Newbury Street, where I discovered things like face scrub made from ocean salt and shampoo made with avocados. The store itself wasn’t the best thing — the sales associates are really, really pushy and annoying, especially for someone just wanting to take a quick peek around and didn’t feel like being assaulted with questions and demonstration of product offers.

The smell was overwhelming, too, but I didn’t find it as unpleasant as some people do. I definitely don’t think I could ever work in one of the many locations of the store, but a quick ten minute dip into it was sort of like a little exotic vacation!

I bought my secret Santa a gift set, and also got a few bath bombs for myself to try! That was at the end of November. Here it is, almost February, I’ve survived the 12-21-12 apocalypse and didn’t even reward myself with a bath?!

The Father Christmas bath bomb has a strong smell — it made my bag that I’d be storing it in smell, as well as any room or area it was in within minutes. It was sort of a warm comforting scent and I liked it a lot, but I can see how it may be kind of annoying to someone who didn’t expect it to be so strong.

It was very cute — a little round Santa head with a hat. Pinkish red and white in color. My Santa hat broke off soon after getting it home (crumbly little guys, bath bombs), but you could still tell it was ol’ Saint Nick!

I finally got to use it last night at the hotel we’re staying in, and that was the perfect time because we’ve hit a rough spot recently and are undergoing a few changes in our lives. Getting a hotel room was a great way to rest up, especially for Nick, who had been very sick with a terrible stomach flu for a few days.



Immediately after dropping this bomb into the hotel bath tub, it started bubbling and fizzing into a pink, swirly mess. Big red glitter oozed along with it, turning the tub into a beautiful girly dream!

Inside the ball was another one, green in color, that exploded soon after and mixed with the swirly red creating a magical, sparkling Christmas feel.






My skin wasn’t terribly moisturized by this bomb, but it did relax me and felt extremely comforting. This would be perfect on any chilly winter night, but was especially appreciated on this one.

The water stayed pretty until I let the water out, although it was mostly green and the pinkish red had all but disappeared.

A warning! The glitter will stick to your skin and your tub. You’ll have to rinse it well with water to get it out. I love glitter and wish there were more of it, but to those who aren’t expecting so much of it, it may come as an unpleasant surprise!

4 out of 5 stars! I wish it had been more moisturizing, I used Lush’s Space Girl bath bomb recently as well and it was a lot better on my skin!

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  1. Really amazing! I’m so excited to try one

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