Styleboard: The Boyfriend Look, Inspired By Kate Walsh

I love Kate Walsh. I’ve loved her since the first time I saw her, popping up out of nowhere on Grey’s Anatomy with her gorgeous red hair and ruining poor, plain Meredith’s day. When she left for the coast in search of a Private Practice, I followed diligently behind her, and now that she has a new perfume line out, I’m reminded even more of why she’s such a super cool lady — She has impeccable taste!


Her new perfume, BOYFRIEND the Fragrance, blends the warm and sexy scent of amber musk with feminine and delicate jasmine and icy plum to create a Eau de Parfum that is both sensually comforting and floral. It’s a fragrance that, as the site explains, is inspired by him but made for her.

I’d like to think it’s kind of like when your boyfriend goes out of town, but leaves that one shirt that he always wears and smells just like him. Eventually, after wearing it and sleeping with it for awhile, the boyfriend smell you love kind of morphs with your pretty girly lotion and suddenly BAM! The best of both worlds!

I stumbled upon Kate’s contest while browsing Bloglovin’ (click here!), and was inspired to create this Boyfriend Look . I love the way gold and pink look together, and think that they’re a great way to girly up a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans and a structured blazer. I’m pretty in love with the shoes — They’re A Beautiful Mind meets Legally Blonde, and I am so all over that!


1) Ponte Boyfriend Blazer by TopShop

2) Aerie Perfect Striped Boyfriend T by American Eagle

3) Mix Master Ring by ModCloth

4) Women’s Victoria Diamond Watch by Sears

5) Tall MOTO Boyfriend Jeans by TopShop

6) Boyfriend by Kate Walsh from Sephora

7) A Pretty Sight Flat in Pink by ModCloth

If you’d like to make your own boyfriend look, please be sure to link me so I can see it! 🙂

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