Tonight, the foxes hunt the hounds.

I’ve decided that you can never really plan for anything in your life. Almost every single time I’ve tried to plan more than a few steps in advance has ended in absolute disaster in the last 6 months, so as of right now, I’m just kind of trying to take things as they come.

We’ve finally caught up on a few bills so that they’re no longer in such a negative standing, and are living back at the apartment we lived in last year around this time. The lease is almost over, so we’re sharing the space with two friends of mine who have been subletting the apartment since we moved to Boston last October. It’s a lot of people in a little under 1,000 SQ FT of space, but I think we’re all doing okay. It’s nice to finally be around people we don’t have to hide things from or worry about stumbling into something that they shouldn’t, etc.

I guess it’s also kind of strange to live with people I’ve known for so long but have never lived with. I feel like you learn such different things from living with people than you do just from learning about them through conversation or Facebook. For instance, I know the sorts of things that Michael and Jade have set to record on the DVR. I am happy (or not, rather) to say that I have successfully endured an episode of Bad Girls Club, lol.

I’ve been working at my jobs for about two weeks now, and it’s alright. I’ve completed training with both of them and have been trying to balance work with sleep and time spent with friends, but it’s kind of hard. I’m tired a lot of the time but it’s hard for me to sleep through the night.

Today is my day off. Apparently it’s also Hitler’s birthday, as well as a planet-wide day of smokefest celebrations. I have leftover Chinese food, Netflix and at least 4 more seasons of Lost to catch up on. I’m surrounded by an apartment I know well and walls I’ve painted, with my computer and my Coke and Nick.

I can’t really complain, to be honest. It could be (and has been) so much worse. I’m less in limbo than I have been in awhile; if I could just shake off the last of this negativity, I feel like I could be doing really well right now. Keeping my fingers crossed that it lasts!



IMG_1541Margaritaville! New job! 🙂


IMG_1572One of my new roommates and oldest friends, Michael! I’ve known him since we were barely teenagers and wore gothy clothes and hung out at the local mall all day. It was a sad time, lol. He’s pretty cool though and just got his license to tattoo! This photo isn’t an accurate representation because of his hoodie (which, wtf, it’s Florida, WHY?), but he has tattoos all over — including his head!


I miss the friends we were staying with for the last couple of months. Amy and her little boy, Joshua! I babysat him almost daily and it’s weird waking up without the Disney Channel being on or hearing Hotel Transylvania in the background 4 times a day, haha. I love little kids and being around him so much and working for my online job just reinforces for me every day why I want to finish school and be a first grade teacher! 🙂

One Response to “Tonight, the foxes hunt the hounds.”
  1. Lauren says:

    To make you feel better about 4 people in 1000 sqft…… We once had 7 people living in our 1 br- 800 sqft apartment in Sutton Place. You gotta do what you gotta do. lol

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