Legend of Zelda Necklaces Review + A Giveaway!



I am so excited to be partnering up with Megan over at Slade’s Crafts for the very first official giveaway on Let’s Get Galactic! I have a lot of awesome things coming up soon (a shop opening, an 8 week series on local talent, ALL THE THINGS!) and if this is successful, I hope to have many more awesome giveaways from the people and shops I think are super cool!

Slade’s Crafts is a really awesome nerd-centric shop featuring Resin crafts, including pendants and charms paying homage to everything from Doctor Who and Harry Potter to the Legend of Zelda and Batman. Each piece is handmade by Megan herself, and most can be made into cell phone charms, necklaces, buttons or keychains. Certain items are customizable, and others are just downright neat — She has a collection of incredibly Harry Potter potion inspired items!

I ordered a couple of pieces from her once she got her new molds in and am SO glad I did! I bought two necklaces from her — The Hylian shield and crest from the Legend of Zelda! The shield is sort of 3D inside and is really detailed for something so tiny, and I was able to customize the crest by choosing a color for it! I picked silvery sparkly rainbow glitter colored and it was the best choice ever, it’s BEAUTIFUL!






6ways enter

Welcome to the giveaway! Please leave a separate comment on this post for each entry. Combined entries will not be counted.


+1 Entry:  Like Slade’s Crafts on Facebook! Comment with the name of the FB account that liked the page.

+1 Entry: Like Let’s Get Galactic  on Facebook! Comment with the name of the FB account that liked the page.

+1 Entry:  Share this blog post by copy and pasting the text below into your Facebook status or Twitter. Comment with a link to the post.

“Enter to win this giveaway of a custom handmade resin nerd charm OR necklace from Slade’s Crafts, sponsored by Let’s Get Galactic! 6 chances to win, click here to enter: GIVEAWAY!”

+1 Entry: STAY UPDATED! Subscribe to Let’s Get Galactic by signing up to our email list in the right sidebar on this page! Comment with your email and name letting us know you signed up.

+1 Entry: Have a look around Megan’s Etsy shop and her Facebook page, and comment with your item choice! Which piece do you like best? Let her know!

+1 Entry: Share the photo below on Instagram and use hashtags #letsgetgalactic and #sladescrafts ! Leave a comment with your Instagram username once you’ve posted! (If you don’t have Instagram, or would prefer to use Tumblr instead, you can CLICK HERE for the post to reblog! Comment with a link to your reblog for your entry!)


That’s SIX chances to win! If you do all six things, you get six opportunities to be the ULTIMATE WINNER OF DESTINY!!

And for those of you who enter but don’t win:


Enter the code LETSGETGALACTIC during checkout at Slade’s Crafts on Etsy, and save 10% on your purchase! 

The contest will last until JUNE 6TH!!! Comments will be closed at 12 PM on that Friday!


78 Responses to “Legend of Zelda Necklaces Review + A Giveaway!”
  1. Suima Nito says:

    Subscribed! e-mail redlybird@gmail.com, name Toni

  2. Suima Nito says:

    Commented on Slades Crafts on a few images of the items I liked. Favorites are the Zelda ones! Facebook name “Suima Nito”.

  3. Suima Nito says:

    Reblogged on Tumblr, username redlygal

  4. I should clarify, I liked Slade’s Crafts on Facebook.

  5. Liked Let’s Get Galactic on Facebook. My name is Miranda Wilson.

  6. Commented on a couple of molds that are super awesome. My favorite is K9 from Doctor Who. My second favorite is that Hylian shield!
    Email: chosen.to.sevre@gmail.com

  7. I subscribed to the e-mail list! Miranda wilson: chosen.to.serve@gmail.com

  8. omgitsreb says:

    Liked Slade’s Crafts on Facebook!
    Name: Rebecca Ivonne Leiva

  9. Khandice says:

    FB like for sladescrafts under Khandice ocreene

  10. Khandice says:

    Instagram under khandicevondoom

  11. omgitsreb says:

    Liked Let’s Get Galactic on Facebook! ^___^
    Name: Rebecca Ivonne Leiva

  12. omgitsreb says:

    Followed Lets Get Galactic
    Email: rebecca189@yahoo.com
    Name: Rebecca Ivonne Leiva

  13. omgitsreb says:

    Reposted on instagram! username: rebeccabloop

  14. omgitsreb says:

    My favorite from Megan’s shop is the kawaii bow necklace! So cute! ^___^ http://www.etsy.com/listing/129047788/kawaii-bow-resin-necklace?ref=shop_home_active

  15. Sarah says:

    I entered on IG, username is worsethantremors 🙂

  16. Sarah says:

    Liked Let’s Get Galactic on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/sarah.cameron.xo

  17. Sarah says:

  18. Jasmine Cora says:

    I reported on Instagram with the username Jazzycora. I can be contacted at JasmineCora@gmail.com

  19. Jasmine Cora says:

    I like Slade’s Crafts on facebook. My username is Jasmine Cora or you can enter my email JasmineCora@gmail.com.

  20. Jasmine Cora says:

    I’m following Let’s Get Galatic blog now. The email I used is JasmineCora@gmail.com.

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