Free Comic Book Day 2013!

I know, I know — Free comic book day was basically a month ago now! I’ve had a FCBD blog post draft set up for the last 3 weeks and forgot about it until just now, so this will be a short but sweet little recap of my third annual Free Comic Book Day!

We started off at Acme Superstore, where a couple of my friends work. The store recently underwent an expansion and now has this huge banquet hall type place that many people are speculating would be good for hosting a mini-con or having parties!

The turnout was INSANE, so many people came! We saw people dressed up, people in costume, people that looked like they hadn’t seen the light of day since the last FCBD, it was wondrous! Most of the comics were gone by the time we arrived, but I got a couple of cool things anyway! I also got to hang out with one of Nick’s friends as well as one of my friends, whom I met at ANOTHER comic book store! Acme is an awesome place because of the sheer amount of what they have. Back issues, current issues, trade paperbacks, toys, collectibles, statues, posters, DVDs, EVERYTHING! I can guarantee that they will have at least one item featuring your favorite fandom; they are remarkable!

… Which brings me to our second stop! We visited A Comic Shop, which is the comic book store where Nick and I met as well as my very first local comic shop ever! I’ve met so many good people there, and the shop is one of the most popular in the country! Everybody seems to know about it, no matter where I go. They specialize in trade paperbacks, recent issues and lots of nerd parties. They have a back area called the Geek Easy that serves fancy beers, different kinds of grilled cheese and has lots of nerdy accents to the decor.

After ACS, we drove 35 miles to Clermont where Heroes Landing exists. I had never been to that particular comic book store, but we made the trip for someone special! Joe Eisma, the artist behind Image’s Morning Glories series was in town for FCBD and was doing a signing! I hadn’t seen him in about two years since I first met him at a signing over at A Comic Shop, and a few months after meeting he messaged me on Facebook asking if it’d be okay to use my likeness for a character in the comic. BEING PUT IN A COMIC IS LIKE MY ONE SHINING GLORY THING AND I WILL NEVER STOP TALKING ABOUT IT OMG. It’s like the time Brent Spiner messaged me on Twitter to tell me “Happy Birthday” (which, check out the picture below, see that super sweet Star Trek magnet I got at Heroes Landing?! AHHH!), and I will never stop mentioning it because OMG DATA TOLD ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY DJGKFDMG!!!




Issue #15 of Morning Glories – The One Where Cassie Appears and Ends Up Getting Stabbed

Joe signed it for me! I made him write “To Cassie AKA Maggie”, teehee!


The spoils of my FCBD 2013! A poster print with my character in it, signed by Joe, issue #15 and the most recent one signed, Star Trek and Princess Bride magnets, Spock Pez (I collect random Pez dispensers, just wait until I set my collection up!) and chess pieces of Marge and Homer Simpson as the Queen and King!


The print Joe gave to me. It is the COOLEST FUCKING THING EVER! Can you see my character? Hint: She’s wearing a red sweater vest and has pink hair!!


Running into friends in the Geek Easy while we sampled some tasty beer and grilled cheese!


My sticker! I get one every year!


Acme’s lineup of comics.


Orlando is one of the easiest places to live as a nerd. This is on my bank’s building in Downtown Orlando! SO AWESOME!

Did anybody else do this? Was it awesome? Did you like it better last year? Which comics did you pick?!

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