Monthly Recap: May 2013

I haven’t done a recap in awhile, but May has been a pretty busy month so what the heck!

This is the first month I’ve had in awhile where I’ve felt like I’ve had a handle on the direction in which my life has been going. I quit my second job because they were scheduling me repeatedly outside of my availability, and punishing me when I had to call out of those shifts, despite my numerous attempts at getting them to update their availability files.

I got my phone fixed, finally, FINALLY! Without Instagram my life is meaningless, guys. Just sayin’.

I also received my first paycheck from my other new job, and it was the most I’ve ever gotten a paycheck for! Almost everything went to bills, but still. It feels pretty good to be a gangster! 😛

I’ve been moving things from my storage slowly but surely back into the apartment — It’s so nice to be back! One of the people subletting the apartment from us had more animals than was allowed and basically destroyed the entire carpet throughout the apartment, but we’ll be working on getting that fixed.

Once the subletters finish moving out (this week sometime), we’ll deep clean the damage done from the last six months and I have some cool new plans for redecorating! I can’t wait to touch up the paint, add some new colors and really revamp the place. I felt like we were so stunted with out decorating ideas after moving initially, but now that I’ve had a good 6 months away and have come back to reevaluate, I have so many new ideas for color schemes and themes and omg! Here’s a hint: I want my bedroom to be SUPER girly. We’ll see how this goes! ;D

Here’s a quick recap of the month for you:


Free Comic Book Day 2013


Partnered up with Slade’s Crafts for Let’s Get Galactic’s very first giveaway! It’s running until June 6 — Click here to enter!


I became obsessed with these popsicles; Read my review here and go buy some for yourself!


Bruce Mozert’s underwater photography had me dazzled!


Dat bread doe! Cranberry Citrus Walnut Bread — My favorite thing to bake!

Next month I hope to have a few more reviews put up, as well as more new recipes now that I ~finally!~ have my kitchen back! So stay tuned for delicious things! 😀


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