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I never planned to post any inflammatory reviews, but this has honestly just gotten under my skin and since they’re so popular, I figured other people may want to know about my experience with

From their website: “Pop-Up Tee’s goal is to curate some of the best t-shirt designs from artists around the world. Our platform is a great place for up-and-coming designers to show off their work and get the chance to be featured with other artists who’ve created similarly themed t-shirts.

Sounds awesome, right? I thought so too. They had a sale for various Adventure Time-themed shirts, and I am absolutely obsessed with Jake the Dog singing about making bacon pancakes. I saw this shirt posted on Facebook and immediately ordered it from

The order came to $12.99, as is the usually for these sales. I paid and got a confirmation email:

Thank you for placing your order with Pop Up Tee!

T-Shirts are made to order after the sale has ended. You can expect your shirt to ship about 7 to 12 days after the sale ends.”

Strange that it should take 7 – 12 business days for my t-shirt to be shipped, when they took the funds from my account almost INSTANTANEOUSLY, but I was not worried.

I promptly forgot about the order, and my shirt. I work a lot and it was more of an impulse buy, so it slipped my mind for about two weeks, until I realized that it had been 13 days since they took the money out of my account and I had still not received any sort of shipment email. I know that 13 days is not too terribly past when they said they’d ship, so I just sent a quick email to follow up and make sure everything was processed correctly. I have a history with the mailman at my apartment complex losing my packages, and I was worried this had happened.

Has this been shipped yet? It has been 13 days.” Quick and to the point.

I received,

Hello, We usually ship orders about 7 to 12 business days after the sale
ends. We order the exact amount of blank shirts and print them after. So
it takes a little while to ship.

Shirts from this sale should start shipping out at the end of the week.


I thought this email was weird and robotic, but was not too perturbed. I emailed back,

Thank you! And I assume I’ll be getting some tracking information about it in my email by next week then, right?

I appreciate it!”
To which they sent the EXACT SAME RESPONSE THAT THEY SENT ABOVE! First of all, if you’re going to have someone checking your emails and sending out canned responses, at least train them to read the PREVIOUS EMAILS. I should NOT have gotten two emails saying the exact same thing.
I emailed back,
Right, if you had bothered reading my message you would have seen that that is the same exact response you already sent. I do not need to be informed twice, I asked if I would be receiving shipping information via email.
At this point I was annoyed, because in addition to sending me this prerecorded response, they had also used it to answer a similar question about the Adventure Time shirts not being shipped from a Facebook post.
In response to my email above, I was sent a third email from, this one saying:
Dear Cassie Daley,

Your order #10287 was cancelled at your request.

Please reply to this email if you have any questions or concerns.”

Now, I ask you, do you see ANYWHERE above where I even may have remotely indicated that I wanted my order cancelled? No. But they obviously did, and they cancelled it after 2 weeks of having taken my money and not shipping me anything.
Since they were active on Facebook, I decided to contact them via wall post since someone clearly didn’t know how to properly attend to emails.
2 pop up tee
This is my exact, unedited (aside from last names) post. My friends are awesome and they saw what had happened and liked the post in an attempt to help raise awareness about how shady and sneaky the company really is.
And what did do in response? THEY DID NOT REPLY! They did not send me ANYTHING, they DELETED the wall post! I guess they weren’t interested in their crappy actions being brought to light?
It really is a shame, because if they had just apologized and offered to ship my shirt I would have had something very different to say about them. I fully intended on writing a positive review for the company and my new shirt (which I was really looking forward to), and it’s incredibly unfortunate that they should have such AWFUL customer service skills.
So to anyone who has had a good experience with the company, I am incredibly jealous of your luck. And to everyone who has no previous history, BEWARE! Internet companies are shady, and is NO different. I will never order anything from this company again, and I will go out of my way to urge everyone else to do the same. There are plenty of other good, decent, nice companies that sell similar t-shirts and do not treat their PAYING CUSTOMERS like dirt, without even so much as an apology for their repeated errors!
I did receive a full refund, three days later.

74 thoughts on “Review: Pop Up

  1. So has anyone even received the shirt? I’ve been waiting myself and will be pissed if it never turns up, but i definitely will not purchase anything from them again..

    1. No, they refunded the money and cancelled my order. When I specifically told them that I did not want to cancel it, they ignored it and told me my refund was being processed. I really hope you get your shirt! :/

    2. I actually just received my shirt day before yesterday, the cooking time one, it has a small hole in the back, I’ve e-mailed them twice so far for an exchange or a partial refund (I will just keep it if they do not have anymore), and I have not gotten any reply back yet.

      1. Yeah, they will not issue you a refund or any kind of t-shirt compensation. Another person I saw had an issue with a hole in their Game of Thrones shirt and when they asked, Pop Up Tee told them they they couldn’t send a new shirt and that they were SOL basically. I hope you’re able to get something to help you out, sorry to hear about your shirt!

      2. that makes me sad 😦 it’s too bad, we actually print t-shirts from home for local businesses and bands, and 12.99 is a great price for that much detail on the print, but since we print shirts, I understand to make the most profit you want to buy first-run-defect shirts. Often times the defects aren’t visible, and you get a heck of a deal! I’m not surprised, but expected their return policy to be followed.
        I won’t get my hopes up, but DEFINITELY will not be buying from them again. Thank you for your review! Glad I looked for this, too bad it was too late!
        Maybe my hubby and I should start up our own site… 😉

      3. Update: I received an e-mail finally from them this morning:
        “Hello, I am sorry we only print the exact number of shirts sold. We do
        inspect the shirts before they print I am sorry if we missed something.
        You may return for a refund if you would like. Thanks”
        Personally written, they offered a resolution. Unfortunately they ignored the part where I asked if I kept the shirt if I could get a partial refund so I wrote them back asking again, will let you know of the response!

      4. That’s the same macro they applied to the similar wall post I mentioned to you before! I guess they have a handful of prerecorded responses they apply.

        Weird that they’d ask you to refund a defective shirt and ignore your request for a partial refund so you could keep it! I hope they’re able to work something out with you! 😦

      5. I guess going back and reading it, it does sound pretty pre-written. Must be nice to have a word document you can copy and paste from for all of your customer service responses. lol. But for everyone who is looking at this post, I will post what they respond to save people some headache!

      6. I ordered two shirts last week. Still waiting on them. If there is some sort of defect, i will definitely be disputing it with my credit card company.

      7. My last e-mail to them was on June 26th. No response. I’m just keeping the holey shirt. whatever.

  2. I’d love to hear if anyone who did order got their order shipped. Like you, I saw they had an offer (same price, 12.99) for Game of Thrones – 8 different styles – and was ready to buy but felt a bit hesitant. Little on their website so I searched “ reviews” and found your page. Thanks – I won’t be buying, as cool and as good of a deal as this sounded, based on your experience.

    1. According to their Facebook wall (which I can now no longer comment on since they deleted my previous comment, curiously enough), a few people did mention getting their shirts so I don’t know. I wouldn’t trust them with my money again, that’s for sure! ;(

  3. I had ordered a couple of Game Of Thrones T Shirts from tis company, and not only is the ad still showing on their facebook page, but they now have more designs than before. I emailed them, wondering why it says my order had been shipped, but it keeps saying on the tacking that the information had been transferred, but no package had been received. They never even gave me a reply. I guess they don’t have a canned reply for something like this. That informations was transferred back on June 5. It is now the 19th, and still same status on the tracking. I even went so far as to call the number that was on my email. It’s in Texas, and there is not even a mention of the company’s name. Just an automated voice mailbox stating the number and to leave a message. I don’t know what’s going on here, but this seems like a really shady company. I don’t understand how they are so popular, when they do business like this. I just want my shirts, and frankly I would have ordered more, if they had just sent the first two! They obviously have no cusotrmer service, so I don’t know what else to do, except cancel the order altogether, or do a credit card dispute. I don’t want them having my credit card information. I should have just not ordered, especially when my facebook login wouldn’t go through, and I had to use my credit card. I usually am not an impulse buyer, but it seemed like a very limited sale, so I jumped on it, just to find out that the same shirts and additional designs came out a month later.

    1. I am so sorry to hear all of that! It really is a shame that they have such unethical practices as far as their sales are concerned; $13 for a neat new t-shirt is something people are obviously more than willing to pay if Pop Up Tee would just honor their side of the deal. I’m not sure who they have doing their Customer Service, but they should look into rehiring — It’s been nothing but hell just trying to get into contact with them and they’ve clearly shown a blatant disregard of our feelings in the matter by deleting Facebook posts and ignoring the emails.

  4. I too like some of these other people were about to order a Game of Thrones and searched for reviews, and came across this post. Thankfully too, I think I’ll pass on the Pop Up Tee store if this is how their service is. Thanks for sharing this story!

  5. I was about to order a t-shirt today but luckily I found your blog instead, so I won’t be ordering for them then, it’s not worth the trouble. I’ll just wait for other t-shirt websites to put up the design that I want, thank you for your blog!

      1. Just wanted to drop in and update. I received my shirt today and everything looks fine. Sorry you had a bad experience.

  6. is a deceptive and fradulent company they do not fullfill hundreds of orders monthly i highly reccommend everyone use a site like Tee Fury or another competitor. will take weeks to deliver if they ever even deliever the order. the quality of the shirts are terrible and the customer servce is even worse. You do not want to deal with this company!

  7. Damn, I should have looked around before buying. The shirts looked so enticing that I bought one on a whim. Hope I will be one of the lucky people to actually get a shirt. *sigh* Thanks for the info on t-shirt sites.

  8. Man u need to have a contact number on ur website.this is not how u do business.very disappointed order for 2 but got one and u took the payment.i have u guys an email.please respond i need this t-shirt 1x House Baratheon – Men’s Regular Fit / Medium for $12.99 each or eles refund me my money

  9. I am sad because I didnt review the website prior to buying! Read this too late, but I do thank you for writinf a review. The facebook page doesnt have much info… or their website. Its so sad because it seems like a great deal. Urgh!

  10. Came across this blog because’s page looked weird and looked like not much work was put into it. I know you heard it all before but thanks again for this review, I almost “bought” two shirts from them. Sorry for you’re bad experience

  11. Wow, I almost bought a Hogwarts shirt from them but wanted to know if it was a scam or if they were shady in any way. So glad I read your post. I’m sorry about your horrific experience with them. It sucks that other people have fallen pray to their poor business ethics and received shirts with holes in them.

    Thanks for writing this and for warning everyone! 🙂

  12. Thanks for this review. I was almost enticed into buying some of the Breaking Bad tees they posted on FB, but looks like if ANYTHING goes wrong, you are SOL. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.

  13. I also will not be buying from them . . . thanks for your posts. I hardly ever see t-shirts with Calvin and Hobbes on them.

  14. I felt something shady when I saw the Game of Thrones ad. Glad I googled this. You are a great person for helping people to avoid these chumps. Even if they aren’t direct crooks, they run a poor quality business, and I don’t want to run the risk. Thanks.

  15. Found this contact for Popup Tee –
    If you have any problems with your order, contact this person.

    Ron Whitehead Jr

    5959 Gateway West
    Suite 554
    El Paso
    United States
    (915) 276-6949

    1. I feel we should let this guy know that this kind of service is not acceptable. I would call him before I ever placed an order.

  16. Thanks for the review, just like others it was almost an impulse buy. My better judgement got the best of mr and just before I confirmed order I paused and decided to do my homework on the website and came across your review. I read a lot of the replies and decided to cancel instead of confirming. Does anyone know of other decent legit websites that sale these type of shirts?? And thank you for your review (you saved me from future headaches and frustrations).

    1. Hey! I do actually have a few suggestions:

      I’ve ordered from both of these, and they work in a similar fashion — A shirt (or two) goes up for a day at a pretty cheap price and they ship it out to you once the sale ends.

      Ript took about a week and a half to send my shirt, but it was excellent quality! It was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer shirt and I was very pleased.
      TeeFury’s shipping was a little bit less I believe, but just as good quality-wise. Ordered a Harry Potter / Pokemon mashup shirt from there! 🙂

      Hope this helps and I’m glad my review was able to save you some of the trouble I experienced!

    2. I was reading this and getting mad just thinking about what they do to customers. If you want to support an entrepreneur like myself please visit my site for awesome game of thrones tees.

  17. This was the first site to come up when I googled “Pop Up Tee Review”. I did receive my two Doctor Who shirts but they were slower than the other sites I’ve ordered from.

    My bigger complaint, however, is that after washing one if the shirts one time (delicate cold cycle, dried on low), the design is flaking off. I ended up with white flakes all over my lap. My other shirt is in the wash right now so we’ll see if it happens with that one too. What I’m reading here does not inspire much hope that they will make this right.

    1. I’m really starting to regret my purchase already. The website first told me I could not use my email address because it was already assigned to an account. I got that to work then it said it couldnt process my card. I got that to work and then it said I’d receive an email soon….two hours and still no email. I did find their sizing chart and since there was only a 2 inch difference between what would normally be my size, the next size up, I ordered the larger one. I was hoping to have my shirt for next weekend but it looks, from this blog, that it won’t likely happen.

      1. Yeah, you will definitely not receive it anytime soon. They will even tell you it takes like a week or two from AFTER THE SALE ENDS to even get anything! My boyfriend recently ordered from them (he confused my review and thought I had a bad experience from Tee Fury, which is actually the opposite since they have been excellent) and that was about a month ago now. Still don’t have a shirt, have not bothered to ask them for the money back, because this time I want to actually see truly how long it will take and I will be updating my blog with the new information!

      2. I still havent gotten an email confirming my order. I got one about a half hour ago confirming I had made an account but nothing about my order yet. I just really loved this shirt…I hope its worth it.

  18. It did take a little longer than I would have liked to get the t-shirt, but it was not horrible. I have not washed it yet, so I am not sure if I will be happy after I do so. I hope it stays in good condition. .

  19. So,I ordered from them, and a week later they sent me a tracking number. The number continually did not work via After reading your blog, I emailed them, and magically the number starts working, and 8 days later my package has just now left their facility. It’s ridiculous. Go with TeeFury, Yetee, or Ript, all of which have been great to deal with!

    1. I ordered my shirt a week ago and still have not received even an order confirmation and my account on their site shows “paid” but “unfulfilled” so I’m waiting. On another note, my husband is an artist and worked for a graphic art company for many years…he said to hopefully avoid the issue with the shirt flaking or peeling (as someone had commented earlier on this post) that I should “iron the hell out of it” before I even wear or wash it…thought I’d share that for anyone else who is worried about that issue.

  20. Wow that’s a real bummer. I ordered a shirt for my boyfriend Thursday, October 24th. I received an email immediately following my order, and in mine, it did specify that it would ship 7 to 12 business days after the sale ended. Maybe that would be the only email that a real person sends? Or maybe they had edited it since your experience. I can’t believe how horrible that was. I also saw that the BBB gave them an F for their score. I just received an email this morning stating it was shipped. So I got mine out in 7 business days. I’m so sorry for that huge inconvenience! Maybe I just got lucky with my order, like you said. I’ll have to keep that in mind if I order again. Thanks for the heads up!

      1. Got notification today that it shipped but the email lists the wrong size. Fortunately its a size bigger than I ordered so I can live with it if its a bit too big. It’s coming UPS so hopefully it will be here soon.

  21. Well my shirt finally arrived today. It seems to be decent quality (of course I haven’t washed it or anything yet) but it is, as I thought in my comment above, the wrong size Its a size bigger than I ordered). It also is not the same color that I recall being offered….it was a blue but it was more of dusky type of blue (I think they referred to it as a soft blue or something like that). This one is dark navy. OH well…at least it’s here. I don’t think I’ll try to order from them again though.

  22. oh dear. I ordered on the 13th of November and heard nothing even after I facebook messaged them. I live in the UK too and I’m worried now because they just changed their site to say they don’t ship internationally. Like wth they charged me $10 for shipping and already took my money.
    I find this and I just sigh that they treat customers like that and unfortunately I am pretty pessimistic about it. So far my status is ‘unfulfilled’ on their site. This is Plug Your Holes all over again, 12 weeks to get fucking plugs. 😦 Im worried because its a christmas gift for my boyfriend.

  23. I am undoubtedly pissed — and reading this just fueled the fire. I am waiting on THREE shirts; it’s been 15 days! Since the fact that they have not sent my shirts to me. I’m only paranoid with the fact that even if you would have shipped something — you SHOULD AT LEAST provide a tracking number for the customer to track his / her order. I say that we should report and broadcast Pop Up Tee to light on the media. Seriously. Never buying shirts from them again. Thanks for posting this. Really saved me time.

  24. Wow glad I seen this before I bought that shirt, thanks for saving me from the aggregation of dealing with that customer service.

  25. I never received ANYTHING from PopUp Tee (and I payed and ordered the tshirt 4 months ago!!!!). They don´t answer my mails, they have deleted my comments on their FAcebook page too and even blocked me from there. I also contacted my local UPS and they told me the tracking number they sent me is not correct so I opened a legal process. Nothing to do with the money (it´s not an important amount) it´s the way they act. Please think twice if you were planning on buying them something.

  26. Hey if your wondering about this website dont buy from them I ordered a dragon ball z t shirt from them and when I washed it most of the color came out and the shirt that was once red had been basically colored black

  27. Let’s Get Galactic! I want to thank you for writing this review and to everyone else who replied… I REALLY want two shirts they have on their right now.. but knowing their BBB standing AND how awful they treat their customers, I am gonna stay away. Thank you. I really do appreciate you saving me $29

  28. I’m so sad to hear this!! They have one that says Burton’s Home For Imaginary Friends with Jack Skellington, Beetlejuice, and Edward Scissorhands and I want it so damn bad!! But if you had such a horrible experience I don’t want to give them my money, which is a shame because $13 for a plus size shirt as amazing as that one, I guess it really is too good to be true.

  29. I ordered two shirts one for me and one for my boyfriend. two separate orders. never did receive a tracking number or anything stating they arrived. they did eventually show up. mine was first. mind you that my boyfriend and I are larger people. the design on the shirt was super small, I’m sure it would have looked fine on a smaller shirt. I figured it just might have been my shirt alone. the boyfriend got his a few weeks later, same issue.

  30. I wish I’d read this blog before I ordered from Pop-up Tees. I’m having the same experience you did. Ordered three shirts on July 22nd, never came. No response to two e-mails AND I too had my messages on their FB page deleted!

  31. i ordered a shirt not long ago… i liked the design (it was WALL-E holding up baby Groot in a pot) and figured the price was decent… the quality of the print is atrocious… the colors are horribly muted and the detail is awful

    i’m not even bothering to contact them and considering it a lesson learned… the only good thing is the blank shirt they used is a brand i’ve had good experiences with

  32. Ive had similar issues with a Mega Man Tacky Holiday sweater I ordered. I ordered it on November 15th, because I needed it by December 5th. As of today, it still says unfulfilled. So I emailed, and they told me the exact same canned response. When I indicated I needed the shirt by the 5th, they cancelled my order.

  33. Thanks for the review! I was just going to buy a sweet Shadow of the Colossus shirt from them but I’m happy I decided to look up reviews first. I noticed a lot of other reviews online having similar issues to what happened to you. I’m definitely not going to buy anything off that site now.

  34. Thank you Cassie for this review and other people’s experiences with this company. I was DEAD set on getting a Star Lord tank top with the Super Mario look to it. But not anymore. Thank very much.

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