My summer playlist.


Seasonal playlists are one of my favorite things.

Summer, however, is not. Summer in Florida is hot and muggy and, like now for example, sunny and thundering all at once! I’m already looking forward to Fall and it’s barely June! I probably wouldn’t harbor such a deep hatred of summer if I had been able to experience it anywhere else, who knows.


These are songs that remind me of the ocean, or of being inside your apartment with a broken A/C and a bucket of ice that you unceremoniously drip all over yourself. Some of them are just good to listen to while sitting in traffic and lamenting the existence of sunshine and sweltering temperatures.

And for everyone who likes summer, I salute you. Have fun at the beach — I will stay inside with my pale skin and video games! xD (Just kidding, I looooove the beach! 😀 )


1) Andrew Bird – Fake Palindromes

2) Neutral Milk Hotel – Communist Daughter

3) Bright Eyes – Poison Oak

4) Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out

5) The Front Bottoms – Swimming Pool

6) Tom Waits – Gun Street Girl

7) Lana Del Rey – Lolita 

8) The Mountain Goats – No Children

9) The Strokes – Reptilia

10) Modest Mouse – Dashboard

11)  Everclear – Santa Monica 

12) Cake – She’ll Come Back to Me


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