Game Review: Candy Crush Saga


I know, I know. You’re cringing right now. “Oh my gosh, another person trying to get me to play Candy Crush Saga? I ignore 5 requests a day already!”

But seriously, it is SO good. It’s colorful and bright, the music is cheerful and melodic and the game itself is deliciously (haha, get it?) addicting!

The entire game, developed by King (Bubble Witch Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, and Pyramid Solitaire Saga), is based on getting three-or-more-in-a-row candy matching. It’s Tetris meets Doctor Mario meets Bejeweled meets Candyland.

The board is colorful and cute, with bonus features that pop up every now and again as you advance through the levels. Each “Episode” comes with its own mini-plot and at certain spots on the board, you need help from other Candy Crush friends to get past certain obstacles.


The stages get harder and harder as you progress. You’ll get little bonus items that do different things when you clear certain candy combinations (ALLITERATION, YAY!) in each level.

The levels each have different objectives to complete: In some of them, you may only need to get a certain score while in others, you may need to move Pac-Man looking fruit from the top of the game screen to the bottom.

You get rated on a 3-Star scale based on what your score is for each level. As you can see above, I did pretty well overall but there were a few levels I just happened to suck at!

Apparently I have some super-hardcore player friends on Facebook, like my awesome friend Manda Vasas*, who gave me this quick little breakdown (if you’re just looking to see pretty things and click casually, this may not be of interest to you because it requires MAD SKILLZ!):

 4 candies in a row = striped candy. Depending on how you matched the candies will determine what striped candy you get. If you matched them vertically, you will get a vertical striped candy, same goes horizontally. The direction of the stripes determines how the row will clear when you set off your striped candy. If you set off a striped candy by doing 4 candies, you’ll get another striped candy in the opposite direction.

Matching 5 candies in an “L” or “T” shape: bomb candy. When set off it blows up all the candies around it in a square. This happens once when you first set it off, then again after all the candies settle from the first explosion. If you set off a bomb candy in a 4 row, you’ll get a striped candy that’ll set off automatically.

Linking a striped and bomb candy: if you have a striped and bomb next to each other, link them together and it’ll create a HUGE stripe candy that will clear the 3 horizontal and 3 vertical rows surrounding it.

5 candies in a row: Sprinkle covered Chocolate candy. When you link it with any color candy it blows up all candies of that color. Link it with a striped candy and every candy the color of the striped candy turns into more striped candies. Link it with a bomb and it makes the bombs diameter bigger. Link it with another Sprinkle covered chocolate candy and it clears all candies on the entire screen.

There’s a couple more that’ll come around, but that’s not until like level 120.


I have another great friend, James, who is an INSANE level 415! I’m only level 23!

The biggest drawback is simply that the game is too addicting. It’s available for Smartphones as well as through both and, so there’s really no way not to play it if you have access to at least one of the above!

You can pay money to unlock certain things or level a little more easily/faster, but I haven’t bothered. Once you fail a level so many times, you lose your lives and have to wait a certain time period for them to build back up, but that’s about when I should be getting off my phone anyway, so it works out! 😛


LOOK HOW JOYFUL THIS IS, HOW COULD YOU SAY NO? And this is just the loading screen!!

*Manda wrote a poem for the game:

Candy Crush, Candy
Crush, Candy Crush – oh sweet snacks!
I played it for 9 hours.

Blue, green, red, purple,
Yellow and orange as well.
Fingers have cavities

2 Responses to “Game Review: Candy Crush Saga”
  1. Manda Vasas says:

    I love you so hard hahaha.

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