Haul Post: Steam Summer Sale

Steam’s Summer Sale is notorious for taking some of the best and biggest PC titles and chopping their prices by sometimes up to 75% or more. Tons of games are $10 and under, it’s amazing. When this time of the year comes around, my wallet hides in fear because I decide I have to take advantage of ALL THE SALES!!!

Every year this event occurs and it usually goes along with some sort of theme — This year, it’s the ‘trading cards’, a year or two ago there was the ‘Summer Camp’ thing — They’re fun and easy to participate in because all the games that usually work toward them are dirt cheap!

I love PC gaming. It is my preferred method; I grew up with consoles, but nothing compares to the accuracy of using your mouse with the sensitivity set on HIGH or being able to set hotkeys to have any button you want perform any action. I have a deep love for World of Warcraft and have been trying to test out new games I’ve never played or have never been interested in before to sort of broaden my PC gaming horizons.


I have the first Borderlands and am in love. It’s SO much fun to run around and shoot things and complete quests, I cannot even. I’m super psyched to try the second one out! I also purchased the Mad Moxxie DLC for the first Borderlands ($2.49 OMG!!!)


I’ve never played any of these games, but I recently found out about The Elder Scrolls Online and figured I’d give Oblivion a chance before it comes out in case it does well! It’s been recommended many times to me, so I’m very excited to try it!


I remember this doing decently enough when it came out and I vaguely remember wanting to play it. It was only a couple of dollars so I figured, what the heck?


I loved the Tomb Raider games when I was younger, and was pretty excited to find this so cheap during the summer sale! It received pretty good reviews on Metacritic and the graphics from what gameplay videos I’ve seen look stellar.


A friend mentioned this game to me and when I looked up the videos I was really impressed. It looks well done, although I have no idea if it is or not (it got pretty good reviews but I’m not sure if I know anyone personally who has played it). I’ve not played any other previous Witcher games, but I’m looking forward to starting this one!


This game got mixed reviews but I remember really wanting to play it when I saw the first ad for it. It was less than $3, so why not?



I love Fallout 3 and we have it for PS3 but we don’t have the Game of the Year edition. I played part of New Vegas when it first came out for the 360 but wasn’t really into it; I figured I’d give it another chance since it was only $2.49!

IMG_5460 IMG_5462 IMG_5463

I also got Dragon Age: Origins for PS3 and this AWESOME, AMAZING, PINK, PERFECT PRINCES PEACH 3DS CASE!! It comes with two really cute stylus’, screen protectors and a cleansing cloth with Mario characters on it! Nick bought it for me from Gamestop and it’s perfect for my purple DS. 😀 I also bought two wonderful new t-shirts from JC Penny — Sorry for the random clothing in my game haul post! xD

Do you use Steam? Have you purchased anything from this year’s Steam Sale? Do you love PC gaming as much as I do?!


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