Local Review: Maitland Farmer’s Market

The Maitland Farmer’s Market at Lake Lily off of 17-92 isn’t really the biggest or the flashiest of farmer’s markets. It’s a little on the smaller side, with vendor booths boasting fresh, locally grown produce and independently made odds and ends ranging from honey to puppy treats along a narrow sidewalk circling  half of Lake Lily itself.

Open every Sunday from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Lake Lily in Maitland, FL

The people are nice and lots of them bring their dogs and walk around slowly eating free fresh cut watermelon from one of the produce booths. The market is situated next to the Maitland Public Library, and parking extends into the lots of a few of Maitland’s central businesses.

The overall vibe of the market isn’t as “hipster” or as “crafty” as some of the others I’ve visited, but it seems to have a lot of repeat vendors — and customers — that come week after week. Some of my favorites are listed below!




Tibby’s first trip to the Farmer’s Market!


Cathy’s Cajun Cuisines

One of the first booths we visited at this particular Farmer’s Market, Cathy’s sells gourmet jams, jellies, relished, pickled veggies and Cajun seasonings.

She makes a really good one called “Sweet Heat” which is Mango and Habanero Jam (spicy but GOOD!), and has tons of really good jam like the “Bananas Foster Jam” which uses bananas, rum and banana liquor among other delicious ingredients!

We recently picked up two kinds we hadn’t tried before: “Bruised Jam” — Mixed blackberries and blueberries, and this awesome Chow Chow Mustard which has relish and is spicy and delicious!

Protip: She offers a deal where you get $.50 off your next purchase if you return the jars, which is an awesome way to promote recycling!






Cathy, with our recent purchases! 😀

Click here for the Cathy’s Cajun Cuisines website!

Winter Park Honey Company

I absolutely love honey and I buy a new bottle almost every time I come to the market. Winter Park Honey specializes in home grown honey, and the couple who own it have their own apiary. Their flavors are incredible — my absolute favorites are the Key LimeBlackberry Twist and Cinnamon Orange honeys. 

They also sell medicinal honey for things like allergies and arthritis!

Protip: You can sample any honey you see on the table — And you’ll definitely want to! They have so many good flavors!




Click here for Winter Park Honey’s website!

Angel Kale – Artisan Kale Chips

This is a new one for us, since we hadn’t been to this market in awhile and had never seen this vendor before. Angel Kale sells two sizes of each of their  10+ kale chip flavors, and all of them are amazing. I’ve made homemade baked kale chips, but what’s different about these is that the owners don’t cook the kale — They just dehydrate it!

While browsing their selection and tasting samples, we learned that some of the flavors can take 36 hours to dehydrate fully, which is incredible considering the .003 seconds it takes me to eat them!

All of the products are vegan and made from raw ingredients, and they have all kinds of flavors ranging from Hint O’ Mint and Apple Cinnamon to Bacon Lovers and Pizza Pizza! 




Click here to visit Angel Kale’s Facebook page!

Overall, this market probably isn’t one I’d visit every single weekend. They have certain specialty items I absolutely love and like to keep on hand at all times, but as far as the selection of actual fresh produce, the pickings are pretty slim! I would definitely recommend a monthly or biweekly trip over though, if only just to stock up on whatever favorites you discover after reading about them above! 😉


PS — Also got mixtures of these dried fruits. SO GOOD. I cannot remember the name of the vendor and had not seen him before, but definitely would recommend!

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