DIY Chalkboard Sprinkle Jars


I can’t think of anything better than something organized in an adorable way. Cute things are the very best and when they please my borderline compulsive need to have things nice and orderly, a Happy Cassie is born!

My friend Noelle knows how much I love cutesy kitchen things, and when she stumbled upon this post shared on Facebook, she immediately sent it to me. She even made some of these herself, so now it’s sort of like we’re all in a private club of spice/sprinkle jar drawers.

You should totally be in our club too!

These jars are aesthetically appealing, convenient, orderly and so easy that the instant gratification nearly swept me off my feet!

I did things a teensy bit differently than both Noelle and the original poster did them, but we all ended up with the same super cute results. Test out what may work with you, and use this as a springboard for your own ideas! Or, if you want to copy this exactly, be my guest! The world needs more cute kitchen drawers, I’ve always said! 😉

What You’ll Need:

1 roll of patterned paper or patterned drawer liner

1 can of Chalkboard spray paint

1 can of white spray paint primer

1 can of clear/glossy protective coat spray paint

12 or more glass jars with lids (4 oz, “Jelly Jars”)

1 small bottle of acrylic paint in 3 colors of your choosing (I matched mine to my kitchen, which is decorated with pinks, reds and teals)

Chalk (or a Chalk Marker, which, FYI, Walmart does not sell!)

Sprinkles and/or spices


Garbage bags or newspapers

A large, open, well ventilated area



Do It Yourself:

Spread out the newspaper or garbage bags and line the lids in rows, in two separate sections — The flat, circular, metal piece that will be the chalkboard part and the metal rims that will be painted with colors and glossy spray!

Give everything a good coat of the primer, as per the directions on the can. The primer will help the paint stick and should prevent from excess signs of normal, everyday use!

Once it dries, spray your first coat of chalkboard paint onto the circular lids. While they dry, you can use the acrylic paint to paint the other rims.

I did 8 of each of the 3 colors; I bought two packs of 12 jars! I chose the acrylic paint over other spray paints for a few reasons:

a) It’s cheaper ($.57 per bottle at my local store!)

b) I use the paints for other things and don’t need the entire bottle for these lids so it’s sort of like repurposing!

c) Better color selection / more shade variations

If you want to do spray paint instead, that’s perfectly okay!

Either way, make sure your lids get the appropriate amount of coats — I did 2 for everything, including acrylic parts and chalkboard parts.

I let them dry for about an hour and then hit the colored rims with the glossy top coat. This is to help with the constant handling and opening/closing of the jars, because I don’t want the paint to chip away and ruin the overall look of the drawer.

I let these dry overnight!

For the jars, I just separated all my sprinkles into them and topped with the lids! The OP and my friend both used their drawers for spices, but most of my kitchen clutter comes from my baking stuff and not from my cooking supplies, so I switched it up a bit!

I also keep my rolling pins, wooden spoons, a few cookie cutter shapes and the chalk for the lids in these!

I will be buying a chalk board marker but the store I went to did not have them, so I used regular small chalk instead.


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