Back to School!

I get so caught up with recipes and sharing random things found on the internet that sometimes I forget that, while I do share reviews and stuff, this is still a personal lifestyle blog and as such should be filled with more, you know, personal life!

For the last couple of months, I’ve mainly focused on catching up on the debt acquired during my move from Florida to Boston (and then the subsequent move back again) — And I’ve done this by busting my booty with 70+ hour workweeks and very few days off.  This has allowed me to catch up on the stuff I was behind on, pay up on the stuff I owed and attain a level of financial stability that I haven’t experienced probably ever in my life!

Thanks to this financial stability, I am finally able to get back to doing something I gave up on over two years ago: CollegeMy life underwent some seriously drastic changes when I was last in school, and these changes resulted in my financial aid being taken away because of my completion ratio / GPA not being up to standards after a couple of semesters spent depressed and in bed rather than in class doing schoolwork.

Getting back into college has been SO difficult! I’ve had to jump through hoops to even get registered, and have had to take days off of work driving all across central Florida in order to provide and request transcripts, records and things proving that I am who I say I am and I live where I say I live. It’s been so frustrating; you would think they’d be happy to receive money in exchange for someone learning a few new things and getting a couple of credits added to their transcripts, but NOPE!

Persistence does pay off, however, and I am so pleased to announce that after weeks of back and forth calls, letters, emails and hoop-jumping, I am OFFICIALLY ENROLLED for the Fall semester, and am well on my way to my Elementary Education degree!  I’m so excited!

I’m only going to be taking two classes this semester, basic Math and English Composition. It’ll be kind of difficult to balance my blog with my work and school and having one car shared between two separate people with two separate jobs and locations and needs for it, but I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult! One of my classes is at 6:30 AM two days a week, and the other is 6:30 PM on two different days — Not terrible at all, and (hopefully) definitely doable!

To help with my blog, I will be working over the next few weeks to build a backlog of posts so that on days I just don’t have enough time to type everything out, I can pick from there. I also want to focus on a few regular weekly or monthly features, so that I can have something regular to update with just in case the rest of my life gets boring or hectic!

I do have a few new recipes coming up as soon as I can narrow down some time to post them, but until then, here are a bunch of photos from the last few weeks!



My first two Funko Pop figures! Jim Carrey / Ace Ventura and Kimberly / The Pink Power Ranger! Love them SO much.




I am very obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is my first time ever watching it and I’m partially through season 5 right now. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried. It’s the best thing I’ve ever watched.


I found the greatest black lipstick at Walgreens!


My new nail polish rack! I love it so much! I used the bottom shelf for lipsticks because I had too much empty space left.


Lipticks and glosses 😀


New shower curtain!


He obviously didn’t like something I was doing. Little stinker.


Taco taco salad!



My surprise note from my amazing friend Kat, who works at the nearest Starbucks to my apartment!


We got a few new games for the PS3. Borderlands is SO. MUCH. FUN!


One of my faaaaaavorite video games ever.


Taco bowl guts.


Dunkin Donuts!


I’m going to be doing a review soon of my new facewash! LOOK AT IT ALL SUDSY!


Named my gun classes after Pokemon. Pikachu is an SMG, my main gun because I like to kill people by shooting wildly in all directions.

Blastoise is my shotgun. He blasts away my enemies.

Charmander has a rocket launcher equipped as its secondary weapon — BLOWIN’ STUFF UP!

Psyduck is my Riot Shield class; I waddle around and hit people in the head with my shield until they stop shooting at me. 😀


NEW BUFFY SHIRT! It’s a Buffy/Slayer hybrid and I am in love. I bought it on one of those “$10 t shirt today only” websites, Ript Apparel, and it took ages to be shipped but it’s so worth it. Perfect condition, no holes or anything, and only $10!?!?! My Buffy obsession is reaching new heights!

I’ll be SO MUCH BUSIER soon than I have been, but I’m so excited about it! I know it sounds silly, but I’m even excited about homework!*

*Cue a post 2 months from now about how much I dislike doing homework 😀


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