Recipe: The Best Coffee, Ever


Just in time for Monday morning (which, as we all know, kinda sorta sucks!) — The best coffee I’ve ever had OF ALL TIME!

I love coffee. I really, really love coffee.  I spent my first two semesters in college staying up until 4 AM with black coffee, studying algebra and Latin and cursing the textbook gods for being so freaking boring.

So when I say this is the best coffee I’ve ever had, I really hope you grasp my meaning!

This coffee isn’t the healthiest, but it is better for you acid-wise, especially if you’re like me and kind of get a tummy ache from regular coffee nowadays (remember that black coffee college story? Yeah, I think that I’m kind of getting old because now my stomach doth protest if I indulge myself a wee bit too much in the coffee department!), because the oil helps protect your tummy lining (is there a non-gross way to talk about guts? Methinks not!).

Some of these ingredients may seem kind of weird to you — Don’t turn them down! Be open to possibilities! Embrace the now! Insert inspirational risk taking quote here!

This is really, really excellent — Foamy, creamy, smooth and bold. It’s delicious, you will thank me! (Or you’ll thank this blog, which is where I got the idea!)


1 mug of brewed coffee of your preference (I used a Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Coffee K-Cup — OMG SO GOOD, WOULD RECOMMEND, 10/10)

1 tbsp extra-virgin coconut oil

1/4 unsalted butter (not margarine)

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

3 tsp honey

Sugar (to taste, if you like your coffee sweeter as a general preference)



Combine all ingredients in a blender or Magic Bullet cup. Blend for about 15 seconds, or until completely incorporated.

The end result should be kind of foamy!

Pour into your cups and serve — It’ll still be hot, so be careful!

What is your favorite kind of coffee? Would you recommend any particular brands? I have a Keurig machine and a filter for it as well, so I can use my own ground coffee!


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