Winner winner lobster dinner!

For months and months and months Nick and I have been saying we want to go to this all-you-can-eat lobster buffet on I-Drive, which is this crazy popular tourist-y strip close to the theme parks. This month, for my birthday, I got a whole slew of coupons for theme parks and dinner places around here so Nick decided to take me out on Friday the 13th! 😀

The buffet was delicious — I have never been so stuffed of lobster in my life! I even ate Cotton Candy Lobster Ice Cream and Peanut Butter and Pretzel Lobster Ice Cream!  It was fantastic, our server was amazingly nice and the whole place had cool decorations that reminded me of being back in Boston, or of the little Jaws town in the movies! Plus there were live lobsters and a giant lobster statue! A LOBSTER STATUE!!!! I cannot even.

After dinner, we drove to the Pointe Orlando Regal Cinemas to see Insidious: Chapter 2. I was so excited! I’ve been waiting for this movie for two years; I’ve seen the original Insidious more than ten times and I know it’s not for everybody, but I love it! The Conjuring was really good as well — And Dead Silence, Death Sentence and Saw. I just love James Wan and Leigh Whannell working together in anything; they’re so good!

The movie was awesome, awesome, awesome! It explained things you didn’t even have questions about in the first movie, but they did it in a way that made sense — although it is kind of a stretch, it’s really well done and great little comedic moments are scattered throughout. The characters and situations from the first movie are relevant to this one, so it really is like a direct continuation of the first film — the events begin the night of/morning after the events of the first film!

I loved it and had a really great time. I still miss the theater in Boston that had reclining seats and couch-like cushions, but it wasn’t bad at all as far as moviegoing experiences go! 🙂


Boston Lobster Feast!

1240298_161901070672582_833972446_nMy first time not being carded for alcohol. Somewhat saddening, considering I won’t even be 25 until two weeks from now! D:


We named him Lobby. We’re original.

599660_161900870672602_24296030_nNick’s TMNT pose. I have no idea.

1236571_161901057339250_1680445577_nI was really, really excited. You can’t really tell, but it’s true. I was shaking with sensory anticipation for this little guy.

1209174_161900937339262_1974758798_nThe record for lobsters eaten at this location is 28. Somebody ate TWENTY-EIGHT lobsters!


I really didn’t want it to touch my hair but he kept saying “closer, closer” to me.


The car for this place. How fantastic is this?

549030_161901170672572_744770050_nVERY FANTASTIC, I’D SAY!


Corn VS Lobby

1230090_161901200672569_77761737_nYes, that is a giant lobster over a buffet. #proudtobeanamerican

1229988_161900784005944_1540426265_nThere was a cotton candy making machine inside the movie theater! We had several botched attempts at inserting the money, but eventually it took it and spit out some wholesome machine-spun sugary goodness! 😀

Have you seen Insidious or Chapter 2? Feel free to tell me all about if you liked it or not!


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