Happy Halloween 2013!

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! My little brother and my sister-in-law (along with my sweet newborn nephew!) came over to spend the night with Nick and I. We played video games and ate pizza and I used a ton of leftover small eyeliner bites for a last second 20-minute “costume”. 😀

This is my newborn’s first Halloween! We didn’t dress him up or anything, but I gave him plenty of snuggles!

On the day after Halloween, Nick and I took my brother, Baylie, to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 23! My brothers and I grew up playing Resident Evil and I really wanted to bring them both but one was out of town for the weekend. They also did Cabin in the Woods — JOSS WHEDON!!!! –, The Walking Dead and Evil Dead! It was my favorite year so far — it finally replace my previous favorite year (the first one I went to), which featured Chuckie and Freddie Krueger!

The Resident Evil house was my favorite — Leon Kennedy was in the beginning, standing on top of a police car in Raccoon City and shooting at the zombies that walked around and lurched at us.  Jill Valentine and Nemesis both made appearances, as did many RE classics such as Lickers and creepy dead dogs. It wasn’t scary really, but it was an excellent real life recreation of one of my all time favorite video game series!

 The Cabin in the Woods house was excellent as well, following along with the film PERFECTLY and making me very happy with its accuracy (and the usage of short videos to help fill in any blanks along the way). Evil Dead was great too, although it seemed that much more effort was put into the cabin from the previous house than in this one. The make-up and effects were incredible and overall, it was really scary!

The weather was a little too humid for my liking, but the last few years have been much warmer so I was grateful for the breeze! Plus, all the HHN stuff was on sale — Although that same sale is what broke my tradition of buying a collectible shot glass at every event I go to because this year they sold out. 😥



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It was a great Halloween! So weird to think that a year ago, we were living in Boston and visiting Salem and taking ghost tours and working in the city. Life changes in funny ways, doesn’t it? Sometimes you end up in places you wouldn’t expect!

Hope everyone had a safe Halloween! 🙂

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