Flaunt Magazine Photoshoot: Selena Gomez

I know a lot of people have “guilty pleasures” — Things they really enjoy but wouldn’t bring up over their office cubicles or to a hot new guy on a first date.

Unfortunately, I lack the filter necessary to deem which things should and should not be considered “guilty pleasures” — Or, I just don’t care! 😉

I am an avid enthusiast of almost all Disney actors-turned-musicians. I don’t know why, but I just really like them. High School Musical is my jam and Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are some of my absolute favorite celebrities. Every time they do something “right” in the public eye (like Demi’s recent mission trip to Africa, where she spent her birthday helping children), I give them a mental high five for not getting DUIs or showing up in the tabloids every other week.

Also, check out this amazing vamp-esque lipstick she’s sporting for the launch part of the magazine issue! She was probably in diapers during this particular 90s trend, and she manages to rock it flawlessly, just like Drew Barrymore and Christina Ricci did back then. I hope that means this is coming back and will be more readily available in stores as color choices — dark lipstick is my FAVORITE!

AND HER DRESS! I can’t even. Just look. It’s structured, black and beautiful.



This recent shoot was shot by photographer Amanda de Cadenet and features my favorite Wizard of Waverly Place sporting an edgy banged bob wig and sexy lingerie in bed next to a pretty boy. My favorite part of this shoot is how the guy doesn’t seem to be of huge concern to Selena —  More like an accessory than anything and I love that vibe, feminist that I am. 😛









(Flaunt photos from here)


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