5 Reasons to Buy Eminem’s New CD – A Semi-Review of the Marshall Mathers LP 2

My taste in music has always been a little… Diverse. Growing up, my parents didn’t live together so I would go from listening to NWA and reggae with my mom to Metallica and then, later, country music with my dad. I’ve always listened to almost everything equally, and one of my all-time favorite musicians is Eminem.

I know the majority of his songs and can rap them by heart. He is my favorite and I could probably quote one of his songs to represent my feelings on any situation ever in life. He’s a lyrical mastermind and he makes my feel good endorphins run amok, even when he’s angry and vulgar and mean. I don’t always agree with everything he does or says, but he is always true to himself and I can definitely get behind that.

Despite my love of Eminem as a person and rapper, I had no idea that there  were even more reasons for me to basically shout from the rooftops of my adoration until the release of his newest album. For anyone who is possibly on the fence about picking it up, I am telling you to do it. Here are my top 5 reasons why!


1) He references old songs and situations.

This album is a treat for longtime fans — it relies heavily on paying homage to Eminem’s roots — both musically and geographically — and longtime fans will recognize the references to his past songs and CDs, from “Stan” to “Cleanin Out My Closet” with sprinklings of lyrics, sound clips and musings from his other CDs thrown in between. He even has a song called “Headlights” that is basically a song filled with references to old songs that insulted his mother, apologizing and trying to relate to why she may have done the things she did. This is an older, more mature and a little less angry Eminem — and the diverse individual he’s grown into is reflected throughout almost every song here.

2) He also references Star Wars.*

From his track “Rhyme or Reason”:

A Jedi in training, colossal brain and, thoughts of entertaining
But docile and impossible to explain and, I’m also vain and
Probably find a way to complain about a Picasso painting
Puke Skywalker, but sound like Chewbacca when I talk

If you listen to only one song from the album, I’d recommend it be this one. I love it.

3) He was on the cover of a comic book.

Eminem is featured with Iron Man on a special variant cover of Marvel’s Mighty Avengers #3. HOW COOL IS THAT?!


He also has a line that says “With great power comes absolutely no responsiblity” — AKA QUOTING SPIDER-MAN!!!

4) He used a video game release as a promotional device.

YUP, THAT’S RIGHT! One of the benefits of preordering Infinity Ward’s new Call of Duty: Ghosts was special access to a cool bonus track from Eminem’s new CD called “Don’t Front”.  Free songs from one of my favorite musicians just for preordering a game I already planned on buying? Yes, please. (

(The game is awesome, by the way. I completely love it. If you have a PS3, let’s be friends!)


5) Nate Ruess is featured on one of the tracks.

I am the biggest The Format / Fun. fangirl it isn’t even funny. Nothing gets me like Aim & Ignite — I think that album is my all time favorite of any CD ever. Nate’s distinct sound is the only thing that could have possibly made Eminem better for me. MY HEART IS ALIGHT WITH JOY!

You can buy the CD here from Amazon! It’s only $17!*


* I promise that I am not being paid to share this. I really, really just love Eminem and nerd culture references.

Recommended Tracks:

Track 1: Bad Guy

Track 3: Rhyme or Reason

Track 9: Rap God (literally one of the most amazing songs I’ve ever heard)

Track 15: Headlights (ft. Nate Ruess)

(All photos from Google)


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