The Best Accident I’ve Ever Had

My hair. Oh, my hair. Through all of the trials and tribulations it’s been through, it’s a wonder I have any left at all!

From black-to-pink-to-purple-to-black-to-red-to-blue in less than a year, my hair was probably having some sort of identity crisis. I get bored and like change — whether that change comes from rearranging my bedroom furniture or changing my hair!

The blue is my favorite hair color of all time. I wrote about ‘going blue’ back in the beginning of October and it was fantastic – the shade, the color, everything! However, over time, it started to fade and I noticed that some of it was fading differently from other parts. I had bits of blue-grey-purple hair everywhere, with some teal and pink thrown in for good measure. The colors I had been covering up with other colors for the last year started to show through, and I knew I needed to reblue myself ’cause the state of my hair was not very cute. 😛

I bought some bleach powder (same kind as used in this post ) and set out about tackling the inch and a half of root regrowth I had been cultivating over the month. My hair grows really fast and sometimes I like that about it but other times, like when you’re trying to maintain a pretty blue color, it kind of hinders your progress.

I guess some of the bleach managed to drop down to other parts of my hair (even though I really did try to only apply it to my roots) and when I washed it out, I almost cried! My hair was a huge pastel mess of different colors, no pattern and white blonde roots with a strange buttery yellow/orange gradient effect. I hated it and wanted to put the dark blue to cover it up immediately!

It’s been a few days now, I’ve tested the new color(s) with both being straightened as well as worn natural and wavy, and I love both! I’m so glad I didn’t automatically dive into the blue bottle of dye because, while I do love blue hair, this is so pretty and who can get bored with hair that is like 7 different colors?!

So without further ado, here is some picture selfie spam of my hair mistake! It’s definitely not for everyone, but I like it a lot 🙂


Make Up:

Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer

L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Magic BB Cream in Fair

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeliner in Velvet Black on my eyebrows

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara

Wet ‘N Wild Fergie Cream Lipstick in Pagan Angel (black), with Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean as base

Wet ‘N Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in Fuschia with Blue Peal

Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner in Pure White (for inner corners of the eyes)

The fantastic headband above was made for me by my amazing friend Hannah who owns the lovely little shop Lilybirds Jewellery. You can check out her shop Facebook page by clicking the link!

I leave you with that and also with this, which is a less pretty but more accurate representation of who I am as a person when I’m not trying to ~duck face~ at my camera:


What do you think!? Do you have any hair accidents that you ended up really loving? Let me know! I’d love to see them! 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Best Accident I’ve Ever Had

  1. I feel the same way about wanting change frequently. I’ve dyed my hair for years but i’ve finally decided to grow my hair out for the first time in my life! So i’ve gone neautral brown which it has never been! I wish bleaching wouldn’t slow down my hair growth >.< I can't wait to have long platinum funky colours again!!!

    Ps – You look smashing by the way 😉 xx

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