Merry Christmas!


Nick and I celebrated our little family’s Christmas on the 24th after I got off of work ’cause my family will be coming today (Christmas Day!) to see us!

IMG_2683[1] IMG_2668[1] IMG_2700[1] IMG_2749[1] IMG_2752[1] IMG_2761[1] IMG_2773[1] IMG_2697[1] IMG_2740[1] IMG_2685[1] IMG_2772[1] IMG_2762[1] IMG_2804[1] IMG_2771[1] IMG_2781[1] IMG_2738[1] IMG_2003[1] IMG_2027[1] IMG_2026[1] IMG_2769[1] IMG_2784[1] IMG_2779[1] IMG_2794[1] IMG_2791[1] IMG_2793[1] IMG_2028[1] IMG_2599[1] IMG_2789[1] IMG_2795[1] IMG_2811[1] IMG_2805[1] IMG_2810[1]

I can’t wait to see my family today! CHRISTMAS IS MY FAAAAVORITE! I am so excited!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, whether you celebrate Christmas or not! 🙂


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