Things I Find on the Internet: Disney Villain Perfume Designs

I love Disney themed things! Growing up in Florida, Disney World was one of those things that you just kind of lived with. It wasn’t uncommon to see whole sections of the grocery store promoting Mickey’s Spooky Halloween or whatever they have going on at any given time, and Disney movies featured stories and characters that I grew up with.

I love the recent surge in popularity of all of my favorite Disney princesses and villains. For Christmas, Nick got me some of ELF’s Disney Villain Palettes, and I recent sent the Ursula one to one of my fellow Disney-lover pals in California! The e-world was recently set ablaze with talk of these Japanese made Disney inspired lingerie sets, which I totally want and would absolutely like to own:


I recently stumbled upon this fan made line of perfumes themed after some of Disney’s most famous villains. I loved the bottle designs and couldn’t help but share them — Although navigating the foreign website they’re featured on was kind of tough, lol.

40760133_p1 40760133_p2 40760133_p3 40760133_p4 40760133_p5 40760133_p6 40760133_p7 40760133_p8 40760133_p14 40760133_p16 40760133_p18 40760133_p19 40760133_p20

I think the Frollo and Ursula ones are my favorite — although I love the antlers on Gaston’s! Would you buy these? What’s your favorite Disney movie? Geek out over these with me PLEASE!

2 Responses to “Things I Find on the Internet: Disney Villain Perfume Designs”
  1. Cmac says:

    I love them all and would love to own all. I’m sad they don’t show a perfume for Cinderella, frozen, princess and the frog, I could go on and on lol. I love Disney and love watching the movies with my son and daughter. I would love to see more princess palettes from sephora and make a villains line now. Wonderful find btw 😁

  2. Cmac says:

    I take back what I said lol being on a phone doesn’t let me see the whole collection. They do have the ones I mentioned lol kudos

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