MegaCon Weekend!

As a Christmas present for my 15-year-old-brother, Baylie, I told him I’d take him to the following year’s MegaCon – A convention specializing in everything from comics and anime to video games and science fiction. Everyone can find something there, and for the last few years that I’ve gone, I’ve had an amazing time and even met some awesome people like Brent Spiner (Date from Star Trek: The Next Generationand Robert Picardo (The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager), both of whom I’ve loved since I was a little girl! From cosplays to spotting random friends you ordinarily wouldn’t see, MegaCon is really hectic, really fun and really loud!

My little brother had never been, which surprised me because video games and anime are two of his favorite things and some of the things we can actually agree on! 😛 He was excited to go, and when I bought our tickets earlier this month, we decided that he’d spend the whole weekend at our apartment with us since we don’t get to hang out that often.

IMG_5709[1] IMG_5710[1] IMG_5708[1]

Baylie was really excited to see a bunch of people dressed up as his favorite things, like the super creepy Titans above and the Naruto and Goku he met while waiting in lines and leaving.

MY main goal for the event was simple: After discovering Buffy the Vampire Slayer incredibly late (at the end of last year) and marathon the entire series within the next two months, I was intent to meet anybody I could from the show. As soon as we got to the convention, I made a beeline for the signing tables. Both James Marsters (SPIKE!!) and Eliza Dushku were there, and after walking past her and almost fainting at how pretty she was and how excited I was, we headed for Spike’s line. Spike is my favorite character from the series, aside from Willow and Buffy herself, and I had spent the prior month and a half trying to tell myself not to be too excited in case he had to cancel his showing.

Expecting to pay the advertised online price for a photo of $60, I was ECSTATIC when I only spent $40 and got my copy of the Once More, With Feeling soundtrack autographed, PLUS ACTUAL SELFIES WITH SPIKE! He was promoting his band, Ghost of the Robot, and was there with his son (who is the guitarist for his band!), and they also gave me a copy of their newest CD. I was so overwhelmed that I was shaking and crying the whole time – not the most professional sort of thing, but James and his band were super nice to me and he hugged me a bunch of times (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) AND told me that I made his day and boosted his ego because of how excited I was! I could barely form coherent sentences and he still talked with us about his band and about me recently discovering Buffy!

Nick and Baylie laughed at me and afterward I felt like I had been through some insane emotionally challenging ordeal, but it was literally the most wonderful day of life, Buffy-fangirl-wise. It’s hard to convey how drawn into the show I was from the first episode or how much I sobbed throughout his death without sounding like every other insane fan in the world, so I opted for blubbering instead. Effective, imho, and he was a champ and really pulled through looking like a super-awesome celebrity! 😀 Well worth the $25 MegaCon ticket price, truly.

IMG_5715[1] IMG_5713[1]

IMG_5585[1] IMG_5586[1]

He signed my CD twice because he was talking with me the whole time and did it a second time absent-mindedly. When he realized, he apologized and looked so guilty that I almost died, I am pretty sure. I am getting emotional just remembering the encounter; I have no idea how celebrities exist among other celebrities because I am pretty sure I’d be fainting all over everything every ten seconds.

We visited some booths and I met a few comic book people that were AWESOME — Particularly Kate Leth of Kate Or Die (who did the artwork for one of my favorite Adventure Time comic covers, among other things, and signed that cover for me!) and J. Scott Campbell (who is a favorite of Nick’s, and by association me ’cause Nick has damn good taste 😛 ).



IMG_5738[1] IMG_5604[1]

IMG_5716[1] IMG_5711[1]

IMG_5723[1] IMG_5718[1]

We also found tons of cool things — Nick spotted the original Batwoman in action figure form in a giant box of a random assortment of bagged toys and she came with Ace the Bat Hound! I also found a Batwoman print and had it signed by Billy Tucci!


IMG_5607[1] IMG_5619[1] IMG_5608[1]

It was so much fun! I can’t wait for next year! I also want to visit one of the bigger conventions — NYCC or SDCC specifically, ’cause either of those seem like they’d be even crazier and more amazing!

We spent the rest of the weekend at the Farmer’s Market and at a local comic book shop (both of which should have their own updates soon!), and vegging out with Call of Duty: Ghosts in front of our new TV. Good weekends are good! 🙂


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