Our Savannah Trip!

So we actually took this trip around the beginning of last December, but with the rush of Christmas followed by starting my new semester, I’ve been too swamped to actually update about it! One of my longest online friends was about to move across the country to midwest and since we had been living just a state apart for so long, we figured we had better use this deadline to get me up to Georgia!

Our road trip started a bit late, because Nick and I realized we needed to get the oil and tires changed before going and, due to work schedules, we hadn’t been able to do it in the few days preceding the trip. Luckily it didn’t take very long, and we were on our way!



We met up with Kayla and her boyfriend in Downtown Savannah just a few minutes after getting into the city – funnily enough, they’d been waiting on an oil change as well! We walked around a bit, and I got to meet another e-pal, Alex, whom I knew through Kayla too, as well as visit various shops all along the main downtown Savannah streets! The buildings were really cool and we found a random assortment of things at the local Urban Outfitters that we got to bring home as “souvenirs”!



I also got to visit the shop Kayla and Alex worked at, which was super close to everything else and right in the middle of people playing live music and places to eat and shop!

We made our way to some of the local bars to celebrate Kayla and Will’s last few nights in town and they introduced us to some of their friends and favorite places to hang out!




The city was SO cute and old-fashioned! We loved everything there and I’d love to visit again soon!

The drive back down was pretty fun — We stopped at the St. Augustine Flea Market and saw some awesome old things, had lunch and met really nice local people who kept complimenting my hair, haha! We also found a really nice Pagan shop in the market and Nick bought me my first Tarot deck and a pretty necklace that I’m still wearing daily, months later! 🙂






We only spent about 48 hours total on our trip, but it was still a lot of fun! A mini-vacation is still a vacation! It was so much fun meeting and seeing people I’ve known for so long but haven’t been able to hang out with, and Kayla’s extended the offer for us to visit her in the desert whenever so maybe there will be another update about that too! 🙂


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